Reiss interview with Harrison, Parcells on Vinatieri, Raiders to cut Ted Washington

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PatsRI, Mar 1, 2006.

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    Thanks for the post.

    Can you imagine the Patriots making him a cap cut to save $600K on the cap? Not after reading that article.

    Don't forget people - he'll be on NEST tommorrow at 10PM. Maybe they can stop talking about Manny showing up for work long enough to give Rodney some good time.

    I don't think that he would go on NEST if he was going to be cut.
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    Lawyer Milloy cut by the Bills? Why is there not a thread here?
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    Milloy cut by the Bills?

    Remember all that trash talk he spluttered out when he went up there? Yeah,nice move...amputate your career in Barfalo and then watch them axe you out of existence....coulda had rings if he only had been reasonable instead of the me first "I gots to get mines" jerk he was when he left
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    Alright he was RELEASED. But that means he could leave the Bills and if another team offered a whole bunch of.....oh never mind.
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    Thanks for that Nut, I did not know he was going to be on......just set the DVR to tape it. I cannot believe that for once, I agree with the truly is a world gone mad. He is right about where Adam sits in the pantheon of Boston sports figures, although he left out Schilling......:) I can't say that I am surprised about Mt. Washington!

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