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Regarding the 2004 offseason

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Crazy Patriot Guy, Mar 21, 2006.

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    I've seen a lot of comments recently about how we've bombed in free agency for two consecutive offseasons and that's why this one is so important.

    I won't argue that 2005 didn't bring much. We can still hold out judgment on Beisel. When he's starting next to an OLB new to the team, obviously not much should be expected. He's still converting to the position, much like Bruschi did, and he could still end up being a serviceable player. He did seem to improve by year's end. Other than that, it's pretty fair to say that we struck out.

    However, the Patriots did beautifully in 2004.

    As others have pointed out, we didn't have much money. So making a big splash was impossible. Besides, we didn't need to make a big splash. We didn't have that many holes to fill. We needed a P, NT and a RB. We added Josh Miller, Keith Traylor and Corey Dillon. The rest of our signings were for backups and special teams. Again, what other spots were we desperate for help? Better yet, what player did we sign that offseason that we NEEDED to play well that DIDN'T? Miller was great, Dillon was greater and Traylor did just fine while Wilfork came along.

    Say all you want about last offseason but we did nothing wrong in 04.

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