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REFS - Let them play OR call it both ways

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by shatch62, Feb 6, 2006.

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    First let me say that I don’t think either team deserved to win. Seahawks made more than enough mistakes to lose the game. They dropped a number of balls, missed 2 – long – FGs, had a few breakdowns on defense that were very costly and their offensive play calling was bizarre to say the least (throw deep early and throw 2 yard outs with 2 minutes left and down by 11).

    Steelers starting QB had a rating in the 20s.

    That being said the officiating was bad. I actually have no issue with the refs calling a tight game but they need to do it both ways.

    Seahawks get called for offensive pass interference in the end zone – negating a TD – but later in the game Ward pushes off a Seahawk defender, makes a catch and gets a first down. The Seahawk defender pleads his case to the ref. No Call.

    Late in the game, 3rd and 6 and the Steelers are looking to bleed to cloak. Play clock runs to 00 and Big Ben tries to call a time out but he is too late. Refs give them the time out. It should have been 3rd and 11 but instead it stays 3rd and 6. Steelers pick up 7 yards for the first down.

    On 3rd and 18 Seattle QB Hasselbeck throws a pass that is intended Ike Taylor at the 5. Taylor returns the ball to the 29 where he is tackled low by Hasselbeck. The refs call a “Low Block†penalty on Hasselbeck on the TACKLE. This is 15 yards penalty and moves the ball out to the 44 yard line. How this play is not overturned by SOMEBODY is beyond me. How can a tackle be called a “low block� Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Frye?

    I don’t think the league fixed the game. I do think the officials screwed up way too many times and the Seahawks were at the receiving end of most of them. Before the Hasselbeck INT, the Seahawks were called for a dubious Holding penalty the negated a pass playthat would have put Seattle on the goal line. Numerous times in the game the Steelers O-line did the same thing and they were not called once for holding. In fact the Steelers were only called for 3 penalties the entire game and two of those were on their first possession.

    Steelers were called for 2 false starts and an offensive pass interference on a screen pass to Bettis. All of these happened in the first half. Steelers ran 55 offensive plays (33 runs and 22 passes) and were never called for Offensive Holding. The Seahawks through the ball 49 times and were sacked 3 times. So on 52 “pass plays†not once did the Steelers commit a pass interference or and illegal contact. I find that amazing.

    Again, the Seahawks didn’t deserve to win with the way they played but the refs either need to let the guys play or call it both ways.

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