Red Sox Intrested in Mark Derosa , Crosby

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    We learned yesterday that the Red Sox have expressed interest in infielders Marco Scutaro, Adam Kennedy, and Adam Everett already. Via Twitter, Michael Silverman of the Boston Herald adds two more names to the list: Mark DeRosa and Bobby Crosby. Of these five free agent targets, only Scutaro would cost the Red Sox a draft pick.

    Despite wrist surgery, DeRosa appears to have a slew of suitors. If he doesn't re-sign, the Cardinals will get a supplemental pick for their loss. The following 12 teams have been linked to DeRosa in reports: the Cardinals, Mets, Braves, Twins, Yankees, Mariners, Nationals, Dodgers, Phillies, Rangers, Orioles, and Giants. The Red Sox bring the total to 13.

    Crosby has been linked to the Rockies and Rangers as a possible utility infielder candidate

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