Recipe for shredding the Jets defense...

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by tanked_as_usual, Nov 14, 2008.

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  1. the film of this game has given the rest of the jets opponents the recipe for scoring at will on the jets defense.......

    I mentioned before the game that quick counts and a hurry up mode would be effective, and it was ...... too bad the pats didn't do it in the 1st half, too

    I cringe at the notion of the jets paying pace 42M and then drafting gholston, as they are stuck with these 2 the next few years.......pace is slow and was thoroughly abused last night.........

    as for the defense, if you mix up the blitzes, you can literally get favre to lay down back there........the jets made good use of keller in the middle of the field, but guyton and mayo show great promise in pass coverage........consistency will come with time.......

    also, I think vrabel is nearing the end of the line as a full time player........I think they could get another year out of him as part of a rotation, but they need to upgrade the OLB position

    I simply look at it this way.........the jets had everyone......they went out and spent ridiculous money this past offseason............I'd take the pats in a rematch either here or there
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    Re: recipe for shredding the jets defense.......

    Jim Kelly and the old Buffalo K-Gun offense would destroy this Jets defense. They'd all be dragging their asses about 10 minutes into the game.

    Yep, don't understand why the Pats didn't run hurry-up right from the start of the game. Tire them out and then run the ball down their throats.
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    Re: recipe for shredding the jets defense.......

    More important than a means to attack the Jets, I hope this gives the Pats' staff the final show they needed from Matt to convince them to let him go out and throw the ball from possession #1 instead of the conservative, let's feel them out attack we've seen most of the games. Let's score some 1st quarter points!
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