Reche Caldwell to reach UFA

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by dryheat44, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. dryheat44

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    This may have been mentioned before as a possibility, but the Chargers will allow him to test the market. Talented kid, their best WR when healthy, which hasn't been often. Could help our situation. Possibly Fletcher and Leber too.

    CHARGERS NOTES ---- The team said its other unrestricted free agents will be allowed to test the market: WR Reche Caldwell, CB Jamar Fletcher, G Bob Hallen, LB Ben Leber, TE Justin Peelle and DE DeQuincy Scott. The Chargers won't tender an offer to restricted free agent T Courtney VanBuren
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  2. stinkypete

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    Ha, you beat me to the post!

    I'd love to bring in Caldwell, very solid player who would make a great #3 and could even fill in as a starter for a year should Givens leave.
  3. beantown

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    Reche Sucks!!!

    I am a long time Pat's fan living in san Diego. This clown can not catch a cold if he lived in a hospital ward. I watched him drop pass after pass!! Stay away from this looser!
  4. harveyw

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    No thanks to Caldwell, notorious for dropping balls. There is no way a franchise weak at wideout would drop this guy if he was any good. My number one choice for our #2 is Givens followed by Bryant.

    However, if we decide to turn to the draft...I am impressed with Chad Jackson, even before his rediculous showing at the skills challenge. Mark my words he WILL be the man to dispell the Florida WR curse. He will be there at #21, but I am unsure if we want to grab a wideout at that spot.
  5. Digger44

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    Not only this, but he has health issues.
  6. Digger44

    Digger44 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    What? SD best WR? McCardell is by far their best WR. I know Gates is a TE, but he will line up as a WR frequently. No clue where you get your stuff from.
  7. dryheat44

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    From watching San Diego Chargers games. When Caldwell is healthy, he lines up as their #1 receiver. As I said, he's been hurt more often than not. No clue why you want to start a pissing match over something that's not really important, but I'd rather not.
  8. Digger44

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    It is important, you said that Caldwell is the best reciever in SD. That is not true. Your logic leads to the idea that because he is the best in SD, he would make a great pickup for us. That is flawed thinking. Caldwell isn't the best WR in SD and does not always line up at the #1 WR slot when healthy either. The reason he has done so is because of injuries to other WR. In fact, according to he is listed as the #2 at the #2 slot!!! ( His own team doesn't even recognized him as a legit #1. The whole post is based of of mis-information. Caldwell does have talent and promise, but so does Bam Childress who knows our system and is signed. We want to upgrade or maintain @ WR with DG. Signing Caldwell would not accomplish either.
  9. dryheat44

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    Fair enough. "Best Receiver" is a statement of opinion. And he opened 2004 as the #1 receiver then suffered serious injury. He started out in 2005 as their #1 receiver also, then started getting the nagging injuries that made him ineffective.

    McCardell is certainly their most accomplished receiver, and was their best receiver last year. I'd love to get him. I think BB had him in Cleveland and still speaks highly of him.

    Instead of calling Caldwell SDs best receiver, I should have said something like "potentially" best receiver, or "their most athletically talented" receiver, or "has the highest upside" or their receivers.

    I was just putting my opinion out though. McCardell would be a good one-year pickup. I was thinking more long-range for cheap.
  10. Digger44

    Digger44 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    That is very reasonable
  11. DaBruinz

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    To the people who claim that Caldwell gets a lot of drops, I suggest you make sure you check your facts.

    2005 -

    No Drops and caught 65.1% of the passes thrown his way.

    2004 -

    No Drops and caught 62.1% of the Passes thrown his way.

    If you were talking about 2003, then I would agree with you. But Caldwell has improved significantly his hands.

    I think that Caldwell would be a very good receiver. And he did make it through last year without missing any games, though he didn't play in 2 games. There would be no harm in adding him and letting him fight for a spot as the #2 or #3 receiver.

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