Recent parking / traffic woes at Gillette

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by hallfamebrady, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. hallfamebrady

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    I am a season ticket holder and the parking has been absolutely horrible this year. They closed a lot right next to the stadium lots south of the stadium and there are no signs of construction going on there. A section of stadium parking was also lost where some type of construction is going on.

    It took over 90 minutes to just get out the parking lot today. I had to park in a new lot that was just opened up across the street and is run by the team. I usually park in an off stadium site with no blocking. It was closed by 11:30 where it usually stays open until noon.

    Anyone have similar experiences. Does anyone know what all these spaces have been lost?
  2. Willie55

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    I figure they closed the lot near the stadium because "Patriot Place". I know there isn't any construction there now, but that must have to do perc (sp?) tests and other preconstruction stuff.
  3. tailgater

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    Correct. The former P-9 lot is going to be a part of the new mall. the construction in P-8 is going to end up as the Bass Pro fishing store from what I'm told.

    I parked in that new lot for the Denver game. It does suck. it'll take a long time to improve the flow too, given the complete lack of security and supervision. There are a huge amount of lanes funnelling into a handful. Then there are only two (3?) lanes merging south onto Rt 1, almost where all the foot traffic crosses over Rt 1 to andf from the stadium. Brilliant plan! Where's the overpasses for pedestrians? That exacerbates the traffic problems tremendously. If you get stuck in there, better plan to tailgate for hours post-game.

    To add to my misery after the Denver game, my grill was stolen, so we sat there starving, having planned to eat heartily after the game. You'd think, for $35 freakin bucks, they'd at least pretend to patrol the lots with something more than unpaid volunteers during the game. :(

    As I left the stadium today, fron the ubid gate, I was once again astounded by the lack of thought they put into manqaging the foot traffic. 20,000 people flowing out, and they insist on putting a souvenier tent on one side, and another tent on the other, forcing thousands of people into a bottleneck about 20ft wide. Idiotic. Whoever is responsible should be embarrassed. How many years do they need to get it right?
  4. hallfamebrady

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    I am glad I am not the only one to notice. This is a throwback to the 1970's in Foxboro.

    When the Pats were pitching Gillette back in the late 1990's, they said:

    The practice of blocking traffic would be over.
    The stadium parking lots would be paved.
    There would be overpasses when crossing the road.

    P - 10 does not meet any of these standards. I guess I am going to have to start tailgating earlier to get an off stadium spot.
  5. JR4

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    Write letters ... start a partition ... have it delivered and signed for by
    Mr. Bob Kraft himself ... hire one of those guys that deliver subpoenas
    to do it. :D Go to the top .. or nothing gets done.
    Certainly he can replace your grill that was stolen in his parking lot and if he
    were a nice guy give you several weeks of free parking. :rocker:
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  6. Patjew

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    I park at the End Zone hotel. It's a hike, but easy to get out of with a ton of space for parking.
  7. hallfamebrady

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    I usually park on the other side of the road. It is great unless you get their late (11:30 is now late). Otherwise, you are in the stadium lots.

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