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reasons why pats will win this weekend

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by pelthor, Jan 9, 2006.

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    Jan 9, 2006
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    ok quite simple guys it comes to clutch performances vs choked performances

    mr clutch vs mr chokes on snakes
    some denver kicker whom i know nothing about vs oh some popular kicker named adam v. that i dont know just can kick any kick in the clutch and make it look like a chip shot..

    on another note not only do they got this advantage but i dont know denver barely beat a badly battered n.e. team and now they healthy o noes denver is over rated and they whole mountain countrai is gona see that.

    third good reason is put doug flutie in for drop kick or pass in the endzone for 2 pts i say or then again adam vinateri can kick anything or actually make td passes too... a kicking quarterback or a great passing kicker? god i cant wait for saturday 8 oclock pm...

    well i have new england wining 28-9 or so in my book... or wait if it s closer 34-35 new england with an accepted safety off the goal posts in which they win funniest win i seen in football.

    next year new england will have a good run to look to aswell... young defensive secondary can get another good wide out or full back too bad alstot is tb prone.... hed be an awesome asset to brady lol

    anyways bronco fans can vent on me lol what football is about the rivalry... but u know they gona choke... couldnt beat indi last year and indi won by a hay field.... indi comes to gillete and gets i dunno 3 pts i say n.e. def is back and maybe without rodney harrison but they got a hard hitter in good game id say with rodney they just got a hell lot more hard hitting man in there with the other one in as well too... and p. maning admits he pisses his pants with rodney in there is that no surprise?

    anyways i like the pats over whom ever in the afccg and over i duno the bears panthers or sea hawks by a land slide in the superbowl. although i wana see the bears make it just so i can keep on joking bout "da bears" should by "da pats" ... on a second note mr. clutch brady did a snl skit with the bears parody i believe.

    anyways gotta run vent praise or what ever is fine.

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