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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by 1%er, Jan 24, 2013.

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  1. 1%er

    1%er Banned

    Its fun to toss around big names but the reality is that we do not spend big on other teams players in free agency. Which I actually view as a good thing. Teams that spend big normally fail.

    I see the Patriots resigning their own UFA's and then kicking tires and taking chances on either young players who never reached their potential or veterans who you could revive for 1-2 years.

    This is a list of players that I could see us signing from. Feel free to add any you think I may of missed or comment on why we wouldn't sign someone.

    Donnie Avery
    Ramses Barden
    Domenik Hixon
    Mohamed Massaquoi
    Austin Collie

    Jason Smith
    Ryan Harris

    Geoff Schwartz (OG/OT
    Doug Legursky

    Rob Turner (OG/OT/OC)
    Mike Pollak (OG/OC)

    William Hayes
    Wallace Gilberry
    Matt Shaughnessy
    Andre Carter

    Sammie Lee Hill
    Glenn Dorsey
    Alan Branch
    Ricky Jean-Francois,
    Terrance Knighton

    Rey Maualuga
    DeAndre Levy
    Larry Grant
    Geno Hayes
    Brandon Siler

    Derek Cox
    Brent Grimes
    Jerraud Powers
    Captain Munnerlyn
    Jacob Lacey

    Louis Delmas
    Kenny Phillips
    Chris Clemons
    Corey Lynch
    Jamarca Sanford

    (Does not include Patriots UFA)
  2. JackBauer

    JackBauer Pro Bowl Player

    Austin Collie is like Edelman's frail cousin, and his brain is nearly if not already liquified by this point. Out of curiosity, why doesn't Hartline make your list? I'd prefer him to the options you have listed.

    Not a whole lot I like on there, though Alan Branch and Kenny Phillips would be quality signings.
  3. 1%er

    1%er Banned

    I like Hartline I just think he will cost more than we will be willing to spend. He is only 26 yrs old coming off a 1000 yard season despite playing in a bad offense with a rookie QB.

    His has the tools and messurables too; 6'2, 200lbs runs a 4.5 40.

    He is going to get paid like a top 50 UFA IMO...
  4. Joey007

    Joey007 In the Starting Line-Up

    #91 Jersey

    Give me Kenny Phillips. I think that'd be a good signing.
  5. Brady2Moss

    Brady2Moss Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    Sign the beast!
  6. eom

    eom In the Starting Line-Up

  7. JMC00

    JMC00 Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    Brian Hartline
    Brandon Gibson
  8. jmt57

    jmt57 Moderator Staff Member Supporter

    Looking at the potential CB free agents:

    Derek Cox stays on the field only slightly more often than Ras-I Dowling

    Brent Grimes was guy I was intrigued with earlier, but he tore his Achilles in September, and will soon turn 30

    Jerraud Powers went on IR in November, though his injury (big toe) doesn't sound all that alarming

    Captain Munnerlyn couldn't keep his starting job on a bad Carolina defense, which is a bit of a red flag

    Jacob Lacey might be okay in the nickel to replace Arrington, but if he had to play outside I don't know that he would be any better than Arrington - and we know Arrington can play special teams well
  9. 1%er

    1%er Banned

    Fixed it thanks
  10. Ice_Ice_Brady

    Ice_Ice_Brady In the Starting Line-Up

    lol... the title of the thread should be: "Bottom of the Barrel Hot Garbage UFAs"

    This is ridiculous.
  11. Get it shawtaay

    Get it shawtaay Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    #32 Jersey

    If you think Derek Cox is hot garbage, I don't suppose you care about Aqib Talib either.
  12. SteveKiner

    SteveKiner Practice Squad Player

    Two great possibilities.

    Phillips is a hard htting, smart, play-making safety. Could be the next Rodney Harrison if he can stay healthy. May command money out of the Pats' price range. But he would complete the secondary. If Goodell didn't didn't screw the Pats out a number one for taping-in-the-wrong- location-gate, he would probably have been a Pat.

    Shaughnessy is a big, smart and tough 6-5 275+# DE who is phenomenal against the run. (Richard Seymour claimed he was the best DE against the run in the NFL). He also had 7 sacks in limited action in 2010 and looked to be coming into his own before he tore his shoulder up in 2011. He rotated with Andre Carter this past year(Shaughnessy started every game) but looked like he was never 100%. If his shoulder is good to go, he could be a 3-4DE/4-3DE/Nickel Interior pass rusher. Like a better Jonathon Fanene.

    If the Pats could sign either or both of these guys, that would be great, IMO.
  13. 1%er

    1%er Banned

    starting a sentence with LOL? are you a 16 year old girl?

    Bottom of the barrel? Obviously you do not know a lot about football because there are a number of very good NFL players in the list. What ridiculous is that you refuse to accept the way the Patriots do business.

    Also your contribution to my thread sucks... You offered no alternative options, added no value whats so ever and your new title was not the least bit funny so I'm not sure what you're laughing out loud at.
  14. Get it shawtaay

    Get it shawtaay Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    #32 Jersey

    To the OP's question:

    Donnie Avery - Fast as hell, would be a good signing to get some speed on the field. I'm interested.
    Ramses Barden - No idea. Hasn't had much opportunity in NY.
    Domenik Hixon - For a reserve role and that's it.
    Mohamed Massaquoi - Awful player. Not worth kicking tires.
    Austin Collie - Needs to do his loved ones a favor and find another job.

    Jason Smith - Not even Scar can save this one.
    Ryan Harris - Marcus Cannon with a more recognizable name.

    Geoff Schwartz (OG/OT) - No idea.
    Doug Legursky - Awful player.

    Rob Turner (OG/OT/OC) - No thanks.
    Mike Pollak (OG/OC) - Who?

    William Hayes - OK player but no thanks.
    Wallace Gilberry - Redundant with Armstead and Francis at best.
    Matt Shaughnessy - Has some potential. I'd sleep on it.
    Andre Carter - He's done.

    Sammie Lee Hill - Rather give Pryor one more shot.
    Glenn Dorsey - Overrated. Let someone else find out he just isn't good.
    Alan Branch - Upgrade over Love and Deaderick but not worth the money.
    Ricky Jean-Francois - Don't know much about him.
    Terrance Knighton - Good run stuffer but not a fit for what this team needs.

    Rey Maualuga - Garbage. Spikes without the talent.
    DeAndre Levy - Love to kick the tires.
    Larry Grant - Good LB who was buried in SF. Doesn't really fit a need.
    Geno Hayes - Not sure. Haven't seen enough.
    Brandon Siler - No thanks. Nothing to see here.

    Derek Cox - HELL YEAH:rocker:
    Brent Grimes - Very Good player but coming off injury, and playing in a division with small WRs has sheltered him a bit IMO. Depends how much money is involved.
    Jerraud Powers - As an Arrington replacement I'd bite.
    Captain Munnerlyn - Ellis Hobbs 2.0. As depth only.
    Jacob Lacey - Definitely not.

    Louis Delmas - Only on the cheap. Unreliable player.
    Kenny Phillips - If the money is right. Good player.
    Chris Clemons - Not sure. Don't know much about him.
    Corey Lynch - No.
    Jamarca Sanford - Top special teams guy, not really a safety.
  15. Henroc

    Henroc On the Game Day Roster

    dude had an up and down year. And he only had like 2 touchdowns. He def wont demand too much if given the opportunity to go to a playoff caliber team. I would like hartline to be honest.

    What about dominque rogers cromartie? pats showed interest in him during the draft but took mayo instead. Is this in the realm of possibilities? thought so ---
    It would be one hell of a secondary if he were back there along with dennard. Who would you rather take? talib or DRC?
  16. 1%er

    1%er Banned

    All great feedback. I feel the same way about a lot of them except Dorsey who I think BB could get a lot out of.. Saban player which BB loves could be a great player to take a chance on.
  17. Ice_Ice_Brady

    Ice_Ice_Brady In the Starting Line-Up

    You omitted a plethora of talented NFL players for no apparent reason and then tell me that that's not the way the Patriots do business. The Patriots do business by finding value in players and making good signings. There's absolutely no reason why any player would not be a consideration for them at this point, especially considering that the free agency market has yet to develop.

    Over the last few years, the Patriots made huge plays for guys like Anquan Boldin and Julius Peppers, and although they felt the bidding was too high, they were certainly not scared off by a "big name."

    You included Austin Collie on the list, along with Jason Smith, yet you make it sound as though these are "realistic." They are hot garbage. The fact that you think these players should be included, while many other excellent players should not be certainly made me think this is really not worth discussing much further, other than to make a quick comment that this isn't a very well thought out list, which apparently you didn't find funny. You think there is a more realistic chance the Patriots sign Collie or Smith than a player like Ed Reed or Dwayne Bowe? And that either one of these guys (along with a bunch of others on here) would even make it past August 15th?

    In addition, you sound like a whiny little princess that is very hurt because of a reply to your thread.
  18. 1%er

    1%er Banned

    I see DRC getting top 50 money which I don't see us spending unless we lost Talib but I wrote this with the thinking that Talib would be back.
  19. Henroc

    Henroc On the Game Day Roster

    ooo ok well that was just my thinking. I hope if we do sign talib that he stays healthy. he got injured way too easily this year. And as far as it goes for WR FAs, i say either hartline or amendola. Amendola to me is like the younger WW. not as talented yet.... i say yet because his potential is just being discovered year by year. I'd be happy to have him along with a 2nd or 3rd round wr in the draft.
  20. Brady_to_Moss

    Brady_to_Moss Butler Island is here Supporter

    #95 Jersey

    wouldn't mind a brent grimes just for depth
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