Real Madrid sign Ronaldo

Discussion in 'Other Sports Forum' started by Ciara's Dad, Jun 11, 2009.

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    Nah the money is still in the EPL. Not gonna deny La Liga will get more share, but once again it's not anything new. Barca vs. Real Madrid to be Spanish Champions. yay (!). The idea of having 3 different teams do that in the EPL shows that we have a bit more all-roundedness. + we've got asia!

    With Ronaldo going Utd can't mess about buying 2 bit stars that some fans want. Nah. We either need world world class with a big aura which will cost, or we need someone in the locker room to step up BIG time, such as Nani (a bit like Ronaldo breaking out in his 3rd season). A bit sad he's gone, but Utd is >> 1 player. Might be a tough few seasons, but whenever SAF is there we can count on winning trophies.

    As for Real - st00pid move. They need a good central defender and a solid defence, so whadda they do? Spend 136mill on attacking threats. Haha then they'll wonder why Barca smacks them by 4 in the Bernabau again next season.

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    With Liverpool needing the money, do you think your team, with all that money to spend, will go for Torres? :eek:
    Or will the Glazers use that money from Madrid to pay one years interest on your debt. :D
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    Torres would rather retire than play for that sh!te...


    Five times, the sexy bastard.

    Rumor has it Madrid still have a budget of 190 odd mill after the Kaka and Ronaldo deals. Madrid have been super rich for ages without super spending and now they're flexing. They definately need a spine though otherwise teams will still cut through them, Ronaldo and Kaka included. Barca and Liverpool displayed that. I wouldn't be surprised if Xabi Alonso is playing there next season too.

    The power and quality is still with English football though. It's the fastest, richest and most exciting league in the world and two players aren't going to change that. Teams in Spain have always had world class quality and yet England has still been the place to be. If the mancs can replace Ronaldo with somebody like Ribery there wont be that much drop in quality in their team.
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    meh. It's been a long time since you won the Premiership anyway. No wait - you haven't even won the Premiership once, have you! :eek:

    I agree though that the power and quality is in the EPL. We have the best depth in teams, and we don't have as much of a gulf with the top teams as we do in the La Liga. We have 4 to their 2, and we have greater depth in teams like Everton, Villa, Fulham and so on. If you look at the spread in the La Liga all the bottom half teams are something like 6-8pts within each other, whereas only the bottom 6/7 EPL teams are like that. We have a lot more variety.

    I disagree though that a guy like Ribery will fill the void. We just need all our players to step up their level. No World Class player is on the market right now/no one worth an inflated price tag, but we do have the potential in some of our players to be world class. They just need to up their game and show the world why they came to the Best Club in the World :D

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    Aye, football only started in 92 though didn't it :)

    Wouldn't say Ribery would fill his boots, I don't believe anybody can as Ronaldo is unique but I do think if Slur Alex is looking for a direct replacement posistion wise he'd be high on the list. Ribery is a fantastic, versitile player, slighly different in their approach but share those direct qualities that make them feared. He'd fit nicely into the system and the prem. Players like Nani and Park are good players but if you were to put your trust in them to step up and become the threats Rooney and Ronaldo are and were, IMO you'd be very dissapionted. If Fergie puts faith is Tosic he's not going to shine right away unless he's something special.

    Ronaldo was worth alot of points for United, almost everything went through him from creating to scoring, free kicks and so on, you simply have to replace that. Tevez is also gone and Berbatov really needs to start putting shifts in or he's fast becoming 30 mill down the drain. Giggs? Scholes? Hargreaves? Neville? All question marks in key areas...

    Be interesting for you to see what happens now at United but ones things a dead cert and thats United really need to strengthen now.
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    Barca still has Lionel Messi. Real could be again only second best team in Spain.
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    i am new here & Plz help me.

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