Re-Watching the Pats-Chargers Playoff Game in HD

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by QB12, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. QB12

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    Right now off my Tivo. Man, as excited as I am about Week 1, which we will win, the Chargers at Pats, Week 2, on Sunday night Football in America will be quite a spectacle I predict and 1 helluva game.

    Some blood will be spilt in that game I'm sure.

    In a previous thread I predicted the winner (and we will win) will eventually have HFA throughout the playoffs.

    Remember the Chargers will be coming off a tough week 1 game against the visiting Bears who will beat you up with the best of them.

    Wow, I am stoked.

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  2. MrTibbs

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    Thats one ugly game there. I hate seeing Brady trying to make things happen with Caldwell and Gaffeny as his #1 and #2 WR's. Painful to watch even considering they pulled it out.
  3. rabthepat

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    I've watched it 3 times and my hands got sweaty each time. Very, Very stressful to watch. It looked liked the Chargers were going to blow it wide open near the end of the first half.
  4. Kdo5

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    Yeah lol. I was ready to start crying near the end of the first half although it was still a close game in the score.
  5. brdmaverick

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    I'll tell ya, that SD game last year looked like a game that we had no business in winning, but somehow, someway we pulled it out.

    Hopefully the Chargers will still be getting acclimated to their new coaches in week 2.

    QB12, you make a great point that I never thought about in that the Chargers play the Bears in week 1. I relate that to playing the Steelers, where even if you win you get beat up. In fact, we lost many key players in Steeler's games (think Ty Law, Rodney Harrison, Matt Light, Kevin Faulk, and Chad Scott) for significant time.
  6. Kdo5

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    I was just reading the gameday thread on this forum. LMAO. What a roller coaster ride it was in that thread. The "**** WE'RE DOOMED" and "Peyton Brady" comments to *YES YES **** YES!!!!!!!" "I LOVE BRADY!".
  7. BelichickFan

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    I don't know how you guys can watch it. All I can think of when I see highlights is what should have been the following week - remembering the high of beating SD just brings back the brutality of the following week.
  8. Kdo5

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    True...the Indy loss sucked but I just remember the aftermath of the Chargers game I was so estatic, running around the house like a mad man. Despite the sloppiness I watch it and remember all the crap the Chargers trolls were talking when we were losing and the shock the stadium was in when we came back. It is so great to watch it again. :D
  9. csfoster

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    That DVD has been officially banned from playing in San Diego.:mad: ;)
  10. Patjew

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    That's how I feel about the Pats' game after the SD game.
  11. lapatsfan

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    I watched that game too, from the 50-yard line, behind the Patriots' bench, 6 rows from the field. :)

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