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    Good old Rodney, just on Fox Sports Radio, and Brian Cox asked him who should be MVP this year. That was after Cox made a big case about Brady having an excellent year, largely carrying the team in a difficult year, so Rodney says Shaun Alexander is the MVP. Not that Alexander isn't it, but Rodney, like all players, ought to defer that to the powers that be, especially when a teammate is mentioned. No big deal. Unfortunately, I missed the inevitable question that must have been asked Rodney about his, or his docors' prognosis about his possible return to football, timetable, etc. Anybody else catch it?
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    No, didn't hear it. But, in the Globe today, he said that his doctor told him that there shouldn't be any reason why he can't play next year. :rocker:
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    That would be excellent. Just wish I'd heard Rodney speak to that himself.
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    Cause he knows its only important to win SUPER BOWL MVP! Which Tom Brady will once again be.

    Let the Peyton Manning's and the Shaun Alexanders have their pitiful little regular season MVPs.

    We'll keep garnering awards in the free hat and t-shirt games.

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