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Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by A.C Vegas, Feb 6, 2012.

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    #11 Jersey

    I was thinking about this in my insominac state last night and decided to rate all the postion on the team going in to next year on how well i feel they will do can do on a scale of 1-10 and it includes the depth

    QB 8
    the only reason it's not a 10 is that i don't know how well the back ups are Brady is still great no Qb does everything perfectly

    RB 7
    I know this might shock some people but Lawfirm doesn't drop the ball Ridely has ton of potential Woodhead showed what he can do in the SB and even Vereen showed flashes in the couple plays he had

    WR 2
    Probably the worst spot on the team outside of Welker they have nothing at all. Welker is not a 2 but the total group is

    TE 10
    As long as they are healtly they can't be stopped

    OT 7
    I give this grade mostly on potential I think Light will retire this year but Vollmer Cannon and Solder look soild

    OG 6
    Waters was a nice surprise all year Mankins is good but penalty prone which is something that needs to be looked

    C 5
    The held up under injury well I would like them to add one this year

    DT 8
    One of the strongest spots on the field Wilfork is good and Love shows promise

    DE 5
    They are not that bad they just need to put constant pressure on the QB

    ILB 7
    Mayo is the leader and shows it Spikes does well when he is on hte field

    OLB 7
    ANother shocking number but Ninko is better then peopel give him credit for and Fletcher has beast mode flashes

    S 5 (7)
    I gave two grades here the higher grade is when McCourty is back there I think he makes a better S then CB and Chung is great

    CB 4

    Again one of the worst spots on the field that being said Arrington is not as Bad as people think and Moore showed that he can play great coverage and i hope they keep him and make him better. I also hope they use this off season the make Edelmen even better he has the potential to be very good on both sides of the ball

    K/P/ST 7

    Both Mesko and Gostowski are top notch. Edelman as home run potential every time he grabs the ball and the coverage teams rarely get torched.

    again this is just one mans view if you can not be total doom and gloom post your own
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