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Rape--in Prisons...and Countries

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by State, Jun 23, 2009.

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    The long-awaited report has been released. It's bad. Unconscionably so. For example, twenty percent of juvenile in juvenile detention centers say they've been raped.

    THE NATIONAL PRISON RAPE ELIMINATION COMMISSION Often the racially segregated prisons get that way in response to individuals seeking protection.

    Then there's this story:
    This prompted Patters to write a response almost comical in its political correctness if it weren't so sad in the "Um...Wow!" thread:
    Do we need to do what we did sixty years ago on a different continent? Where's the South African Dresden?

    Let's be honest: rape is a power trip thing. It's also young men in France, disproportionately immigrants from North Africa and Muslim, doing it against non-Muslim women. Feminism has neutered present-day men from being able and willing to protect their wives and daughters. Not like in the olden days.

    Sex Crimes On the Rise

    I think a lot of hanky panky goes on in the homes where down the hall the girl's dad is sleeping. Young guys don't fear the 1950s-era nightmare of the girl's dad coming at him with a 12-gauge.

    Maybe we need to re-instill some of that old-time religion. And stay out of prison.

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