Ranking NFL Owners (Merged)

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  2. 5 Rings for Brady!!

    5 Rings for Brady!! In the Starting Line-Up

    This is a good article, especially the part about the Dallas-NE game. I thought the rankings were pretty screwy after #1, but the info is interesting. Dan Synder at #3? No way. Rooney way down the list? No way.

    I would love to hear some opinions on Benson at #32. Is he a clueless and heartless business man for not wanting to go back to the shattered wreck of the Superdome? Allstate never gave anybody a penny to rebuild their homes, and New Orleans is a ghost town, likely to become a casino town. Kind of a controversial issue, I would think. What is in the best interest of a franchise owner in that position?
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    #75 Jersey

    Bob Kraft as the # 1 rated owner, I'll go along with. His record speaks for its self.

    Jeryy Jones as the second best owner - no. He is a good owner but he also tried to do an end run around the cap a couple of times.
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    That was pretty good and hard to argue with his slotting.
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    Silver's criteria for his rankings may not meet your standard, but he stayed consistent to his own from top to bottom, that earns him a thumbs up for an interesting perspective in the deadest time of the year - heck, his comment about Bill Polian alone made this enjoyable.
  6. 5 Rings for Brady!!

    5 Rings for Brady!! In the Starting Line-Up

    Box: MY standard? I don't have a standard sitting at home which I judge owners by.

    So everything he said is 100% accurate, and there is simply nothing interesting to discuss about this thread.

    I was the only one who even responded to this thread as it slid to the bottom of the page, because I liked it and thought it was a good thread to launch a discussion.
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    Neighbor, whose cactus patch have you been sitting in to get all prickly? You hinted at a different standard by declaring Silver's rankings from #3 on down were "pretty screwy." I'm not sure how my view that Silver was consistent to his standard (rightly or wrongly) becomes a snide remark for your detriment. Most would advice you to take a chill pill now, but I have 'weiser' advice, stop watching NEMstar and stop following his example in inter-forum discussions. Bar room brawls are more fun in bars. :cool:
  8. 5 Rings for Brady!!

    5 Rings for Brady!! In the Starting Line-Up

    Box: As you see, I edited the thread. It is hard to tell who is serious at this thread and who is being antagonistic. It is hard to tell the tone that somebody says things when you have to read it.

    I thought this thread was perfect to launch a discussion about all kinds of stuff, which is why I didn't want it to slip off the charts.
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    Well, I may occasionally make a flat stab at humoror express myself with 4 a.m. lucidity, but I'm not fond of pee in my wheaties so I try not to sour anyone else's milk. :D
  10. 5 Rings for Brady!!

    5 Rings for Brady!! In the Starting Line-Up

    Ironically, you are one of the people I consider to be well informed at this site. I try to look at things objectively for the most part, I rub people the wrong way sometimes just because I consider both sides of an issue.

    When I am wrong, I learn from it. But if I think I'm right, I don't back down until somebody has exhibited superior understanding of the situation.

    I have been trying to avoid all the extended 'Newbie vs. The World' arguments as of late, but it kind of keep us on edge a bit. Sometimes you think people are screwin' with you a little.
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    It's NEMstar laddie, the programming choices are all slanted or cross(ing) patterns! :rolleyes:
  12. 5 Rings for Brady!!

    5 Rings for Brady!! In the Starting Line-Up

    Like I have any idea what that means...Somewhere the ancient ones are laughing at me, I can just feel it.
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    Nah, PATSNUTme and NEM take their naps this time of day. I won't bore you with the details, NEM will do it himself after the Buffalo game, and every game thereafter, I promise (sigh). :(
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    It's a good list but, for completely biased reasons, I would like to see the Glazers ranked at 32 (if not lower). :mad:
  15. italian pat patriot

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    Kraft at n.1 is very correct and not because we are alla Patriots here but i am a little bit surprised at # 3...
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  17. Remix 6

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    Re: SI Picks Bob Kraft Top Owner in NFL

    its already been posted awhile back..it was released 29th
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    Re: SI Picks Bob Kraft Top Owner in NFL

    Sorry Been Off The Board For A Few Day Did Not Ck Date Thanks
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    Kraft is #1 owner in the NFL

    I do not recall seeing this article by Michael Silver from SI posted here, if so I apologize.

    All Patriot fans should really thank their lucky stars that Bob Kraft came along when he did to save this franchise. Speaking as a 37 year season ticket holder (where did the time go?), all I know is the past decade has been the best I could have hoped for. We are nowhere near done, with what I am sure will be many more rings to follow. I predict THREE more during the Brady/BB era.

    "Top Shelf
    1. Robert Kraft, Patriots; 2. Jerry Jones, Cowboys

    Kraft and Jones have many similarities. Each has parlayed controversial coaching hires into three Super Bowl rings. Both men have smart, forward-thinking eldest sons who play major roles in running the team and wield influence within the NFL -- Patriots president Jonathan Kraft was instrumental in forging the revenue-pool compromise that led to labor peace in March, and Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones has spearheaded the team's drive toward a new stadium. And best of all, both owners care deeply about two things: making money and winning, not necessarily in that order.

    A long-suffering season-ticket holder before he bought the team, Kraft still cares deeply about the fan experience, and he and his son have created a successful business model that allows the Patriots to thrive without overspending on marquee free agents. Jones, upon entering the league in 1989, became an entrepreneurial upstart in a league of sluggish old-liners enjoying the fruits of de facto communism. His successful efforts to increase the Cowboys' revenue have been exemplary and often emulated, and he has been willing to pour a significant portion of his profits back into the franchise in search of on-field excellence. "
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