Rank areas of the team that need help from the draft #1 to #11

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  1. PATRIOT64

    PATRIOT64 In the Starting Line-Up

    Aside from special teams unit there are 11 area positions of a Football team to think about when it comes to the draft....
    If you were to put an emphasis of what area you would look for in the draft from #1 being most important to fill in the draft and #11 least important to fill,how would you look at importance to fill the voids needed to the 2008 team?

    1 -CB- I am not a big fan of Hobbs although it is known he was injured last year and played through it but still it appears he will forever be a guy who is erratic and has a great game then a few horrible ones,Then a great game again ect,on the other hand,I think we need to find a guy at #7 who hopefully can more than fill the hole left by Samuel as well - Jason Webster and the other guys curretly on the roster is NOT the answer and this is the most important need to fill in the draft,We need a rookie to be hopefully immediately good enough to start on opening day or shortly afterwards opposite Hobbs who is a lock to start on the other side at corner.

    2 -OL- I think the Super Bowl showed along with the other top pass rushing teams in 2007 that we need top work on the right side of the OL where it is a bit weak and lacks good depth although even the left side was inconsistent late in the season and depth would be helpful.

    3 -LB- While this area could very well be #1 or #2 I think Brady's health is of utmost importance to the teams success so OL to me remains more important,However we need a young stud to come in and immediately help out both ILB and OLB which have several aging players or teams will destroy us on runs and pass rush will be hard to sustain,The fact that the LB position has all veterans who know how to play the game is why its not the most issue but definately top 3

    4 -P- I am not sold on Hanson at this point,He needs some serious competition from a young rookie if the team does not grab a JAG elsewhere

    5 -S- While Sanders has played well Harrison is another year older and with Geno gone it is up to Meriweather to fill the void and just in case he is not up to task,another FS or SS in mid rounds would be nice to have

    6 -K- Gostkowski is decent but I would not rule out a possibility of giving him a serious challenge for kicker on the team by drafting a guy in round 4 or 5

    7 -DL- Jarvis Green and Mike Wright are good backups but I would like to see another NT taken in the later rounds,Wilfork is the only true good NT on the team

    8 -WR- I think the team is fine here but a #4 or #5 depth rookie receiver would be nice to see as well

    9 -RB/FB/HB- Maroney is hopefully on his way to becoming better while Morris played better than expected until he got hurt and Faulk is always there when you need him,Heath Evans and Kyle Eckel could use someone to give them a challenge for the 4th back

    10 -QB- Brady is more than enough and Cassell/Guiterrez are raw and unproven but this group may be all the team needs,I don't see a QB drafted on this years team

    11 -TE- Please Bill no TEs this year,Pick up a TE JAG late in the summer and just let David Thomas,Ben Watson and grab a JAG who is known around the league for decent blocking skills rather than primarily catching skills because Thomas and Watson should do fine,We don't really need a TE in the draft.

    So IMO in order of importance of looking at the draft,the needs are...

    1- CB
    2- OL
    3- LB
    4- P
    5- S
    6- DL
    7- WR
    8- RB/HB/FB
    9- QB
    10- TE

    Your selections of most important to least?
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  2. Rob0729

    Rob0729 PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    #12 Jersey

    I don't know how OL can be #2 of a priority. Overall for the year, the OL was solid. We could replace Kazcur and Neal's health could be a concern, but the left side of the line and center is fine. We can address this in later rounds.

    I would rank it:

    1 - LB - Right now we need two or three LBs just be back to where we were last year at the start of the season. Besides, long term this is our biggest need long term.
    2 - secondary - It all depends where Meriweather goes to and whether we resign Law to which one will be the biggest area of need.
    3 - Punter - Not something we would address until late in the draft, but Hanson isn't the answer
    4 - OL - mentioned above
    5 - TE - We need a solid blocking TE to replace Brady. Brady was key early in the year. The Pats use a lot of TE blocking
    6 - RB/FB/HB - Faulk ain't getting any younger. Neither is Morris. Not an immediate need, but I could see this being the last year for both Faulk and Morris on this team.
    7 - D-line depth
    8- kicker
    9- WR
    10- QB
  3. Metaphors

    Metaphors In the Starting Line-Up

    1 - LB
    2 - CB
    3 - Yada
    4 - Yada
    5 - Yada
    6 - Yada
    7 - Yada
    8 - Yada
    9 - Yada
    10 - Yada

    Your details are well thought out but I generally think you build a defense from the line back and the middle out. But that is just me.

    Priority #1 is getting an impact LB (or 2) with the speed/strength to affect the opposing offensive gameplan.
    Priority #2 is getting a CB (or 2) with the instincts and ball skills to take advantage of poor decisions/throws.

    I don't think there are many other roster spots up for grabs.
    Punter? Sure if they get bored on the 2nd day.
    #3 TE? Fine.
    Backup NT? That is a special brand of human and there are only a few on the planet. How lucky were the Pats to get Wilfork at #20?

    The rest are going to have to displace someone.
  4. GPR11788

    GPR11788 Practice Squad Player

    1. CB
    2. LB
    3. OL
    4. P
    5. S
    6. TE
    7. K
    8. DL
    9. WR
    10. QB
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  5. ALP

    ALP Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    1. lb
    3. s
    4. te
    5. punter
    6. nt
    7. ol

    we dont need another kicker, we dont need another qb

    we are pretty much set at wr and rb
    we could upgrade the ol

    we do need a backup for wilfork, and another punter, and a blocking te

    the lb and cb are our main needs

    you may ask about safety being that high....but i would love to have an impact safety, if we could get our hands on an ALL-PRO SS, it would help our D a lot, we really need to replace harrison, and sanders is great, but an all pro even better
    no such safeties exist in this draft however, so forget the s
  6. I can assure you the Pats look for a TE on Day 2. Keep an eye on Cottam from Tennessee in round 3 or 4.
  7. Pats726

    Pats726 Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    No doubt that LB and secondary are high priority in what needs are..but thgey will take the best available, so needs are NOT automatically used in deciding who they will pick in a particular round. If someone they have been looking at drops..and thet team is in position..that player will be taken.. I would not be upset if they take a stud OL somewhere..or even a DL. A punter...maybe Day 2... A TE of course..more day two..now that there are only 2 rounds on Day 1.
  8. DarrylS

    DarrylS PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    My shot:

    1. CB
    2. LB either in or out
    3. OL
    4. TE
    5. Punter
    6. RB
  9. JoePats

    JoePats In the Starting Line-Up

    1. lb
    3. s
    4. ol
    5. te
    6. nt
    7. rb
    8. punter

    Definately LB first and CB second and then the next need should be number 9 or so. I have safety that high because I'd like to add a SS type for Rodney to groom for a year (Tank isn't long-term). Or if Meriweather is moving to corner then you need to add another safety.
  10. patchick

    patchick Moderatrix Staff Member PatsFans.com Supporter

    #50 Jersey

    Wow, TE last? When the position only runs 2 deep and neither one is a real blocker? (Thomas is actually very good for his size, but he's just to small to be that extra OL.)

    To me, a blocking TE is a clear need, certainly well above RB & WR. Only RT rivals it on offense.
  11. Jimke

    Jimke In the Starting Line-Up


    The most critical need is the defensive backfield for both
    this year and the future. Harrison, J. Sanders, L. Sanders,
    Webster, and Williams become free agents next year.

    Linebacker is still unsettled until the Pats learn whether
    Seau will return and a final decision is made on Seward.
    In any case, young linebackers should be drafted and
    groomed for the future.

    A blocking tight end is a necessity plus some offensive
    line help as insurance and to provide competition.

    I was disappointed last year when the young punter was cut
    and Sauerbrun lost due to an administrative error. Hanson is
    adequate at best.

    The Pats can always stand competition at nose tackle,
    quarterback, running back, and wide receiver. Cassel is
    in the last year of his contract so the Pats have to be looking
    for his repacement. The Pats might have to use a high draft
    pick in another year to find a suitable nose tackle.
  12. 14thDragon

    14thDragon Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    1 - LB. Inside or Outside.
    2 - CB. Could be #1 but I think are easier to scheme to hide.
    3 - S. Harrison is going to retire sooner then later
    4 - FB. Evens is alright
    5 - TE. Blocking TE
    6 - P.
    7 - DT. In case Wilfork bolts
    8 - DE.
    9 - RB. Third Down/Special Teamer
    10 - WR. Someone to take the 2 slot from Gaffeny
    11 - QB. Backup obviously
    12. OL
  13. jeffbiologist

    jeffbiologist Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    I think the positions should have been broken down a little further:
    1-OLB-drafting is the only way you get serious pass rushers,they are either paid or franchised.Only about 4-5 of these guys in the draft.
    2-G/T-we need a guy who can back up both postions-Neal is hurt more than we know in my opinion. Team is built from the line out...First day
    3-CB-I think our coaches will be able to make up the difference between a 1st rd CB and a 3rd rd. Bigger need if BM sticks at FS.
    4-NT-With more and more teams going 3-4 these guys are getting more valuable. We cant be held ransom when Vince comes up in 09.Bryant!!
    5-SS-Rodney wont be around forever. My suggestion is not to take a 1st rd pick on one but convert W.Woodyard from a LB, similar size/speed,hitter.
    6-TE-blocker, not a first day need at all.
    7-RETURNER/CB/WR-We need a dedicated rookie position and we do run mostly 3wr sets so we need another WR on the roster, I dont want to see Washington on the field.A 2nd day Welker-type.
    8-Punter-but not likely from the draft
    9-RB-Next year we will likely need 2....we can always upgrade Eckel...
    10-QB-Havent seen enough of our backups to feel at all safe
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