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  1. "THATS 3 IN ONE QUATER HOW MUCH CELABRATING DO YOU WANT ME TO DO" It was from NFL total access miked up when he was talking to brady and I think the o line. I think I got the quote right if not it might be half not quater.I thought it was funny Moss quote.
  2. NEfan32

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    I want to see Moss whip out the huge fro.
  3. SmokeShowin

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    What's a quater? :confused:
  4. SVN

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    it seemed like welker was prompting him to celebrate more and he said the above words and ended it by saying "act like you have been there.." or something like that
  5. ALP

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    Randy said that? u have GOT to be kidin me, LOL....where are all the nay-sayers?
  6. Satchboogie3

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    All the nay-sayers are idiots who got fooled by the media and are too embaressed to admit they were terrible ignorant to assume they knew who Moss was.
  7. BigMike

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    Nice to see Randy advising Welker on how to act.
  8. BradyFTW!

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    To anyone who was paying attention, Moss has always been this way. He doesn't go 100% all the time because he understands that you CAN'T go 100% all the time, or, if you do, your career is probably going to be awfully short. He's always Turned it up as necessary, and turned it down when he could. It bothers me quite a bit that the media has decided that this is unacceptable. Apparently everyone should go all out on every play, and have a shorter, less productive career as a result.

    Seriously, would you go all out for a crappy Raiders team and a series of pathetic quarterbacks, knowing that one nasty (and unnecessary, since the team wasn't winning either way) hit could rob you of the athleticism that separates you from the rest of the league? I wouldn't. Neither did he, but now that he's in a situation where his efforts, and the risks inherent in them, have a meaningful purpose, he's showing the other side of the mindset.
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  9. rockthecasbah

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    Moss is looking at Welker, who's laughing, and saying "How much more do you want me to celebrate?" Then Brady goes, "Celebrate with us" which prompts Moss to say "Act like you've been there before" and laughs before walking away. Pretty cute, the whole thing.
  10. I didnt relize thats why he was saying that I missed that.
  11. A quater is a quarter its shorthand....
  12. Disco Volante

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    Where is a video of this...
  13. PatsFanInVa

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    "Act like you've been there before" is the funniest part of this. That guy is sharp!

  14. 54's_the_Mike

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    I thought it was quarter with a Boston accent. ;)
  15. Mogamedogz

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    It was on NFL Total Access. (NFL Network)
  16. spacecrime

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    Nope, Randy took plays off. If he wasn't the primary receiver, sometimes he just stood at the LOS rather than run a route. That isn't not going 100%. It is taking plays off. Not acceptable.

    I absolutely love Randy, but there is no sense pretending he never took plays off. He did.

    When the Vikes played the Pats a few years ago, the last play of the game, where a TD would win the game for Minnesota, Randy was not the primary receiver and never ran off the LOS. The pass was completed (IIRC) but the receiver didn't go all the way. He was probably tackled by one of the guys who would have been covering Moss.

    Early in training camp, befroe he got hurt, supposedly whenever Moss cut a route short, Brady gave him crap. Perhaps Moss just needed to have someone not be in awe of him, someone he could look up to. Perhaps he is just happy not to be the one on whom the fate of the franchise rests, or perhaps he got older and more mature and simply changed his ways. Who knows? Who cares?

    The important thing is that now he doesn't take plays off that I've seen.

    And no one's career is going to be shortened by running 23-30 yards and not having the ball thrown at you.
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  17. RobAllan

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    In his interview this week on www.therealrandymoss.com he says he hopes to do this as well. That's his sign that he'll do "whatever it takes." I'm guessing we see it in the playoffs.
  18. PatriotsReign

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    I LOVE Randy Moss, but your comments reflect a true lack of football knowledge. When you're paid millions to do a job, it's not up to you when to work hard...capiche?

    No coach or NFL player would agree with your comments.
  19. sanvara

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    Oh man. Don't try to make excuses for what Randy did in Oakland. He was being paid millions of dollars to perform and he did not earn his pay. You owe it to the team and the fans of a city to earn your paycheck by playing hard. He didn't. His behavior is Oakland was reprehensible and shameful. Period. There's no explaining around that. However, he seems to have had an attitude adjustment in New England and that's great for him and the Pats.
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  20. Patjew

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    I remember that game. I recall being relieved that he seemed to give up at the end.
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