Randy Moss considers himself the 2nd best receiver out of Marshall, props to Troy

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  1. DarrylS

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    From Reiss, the phone call, Moss give major props to Troy.. looks like he is trying to be a solid citizen... Sounds like he has already drank some kool aid.


    Being a Marshall guy, do you know Troy Brown and did he have any impact on you when he was there?
    “I’ve always considered myself the second best receiver to come out of Marshall. Being able to play with a Troy Brown, and what he’s done for the organization – and I know Troy is not an individual, and I know they don’t live off individuals – but you see what he’s done in the past and his Super Bowl experience, his punt return against the Pittsburgh Steelers. There are things I love in the game that you have to pay attention to. Troy being from Marshall, me being from Marshall, like I’ve always said, he started the trend of guys going into the league from Marshall and I just wanted to continue that but at the same time just enjoy myself and have fun.”
  2. DB15

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    he just said what every patriots fan has been saying for the past 5 years, inside the nfl Troy Brown is very well respected, to everyone else he is nothing more than some 4th receiver
  3. brdmaverick

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    I see Moss has already had a glass of the kool aid
  4. Patriot Missile

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    Not a bad intro for starters.
  5. mtbykr

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    Sounds like he took a pats 101 class with his physical yesterday:)
  6. Patriot_in_NY

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    Corey Dillon to the 10th power.

    Way more physically talented at his position, he's saying the right things already AND MOST OF ALL he took a 16M pay cut to be a Patriot and the chance to win. I'd say that spells disater for the rest of the NFL.
  7. desi-patsfan

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    chug that kool aid Moss. Your gonna (possibly) get a ring or 2 out of it. IF you cant win with Brady, its time to retire.
  8. jeffd

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    *cough* ass kisser *cough*
  9. PatsFanInVa

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    Yep, I mentioned elsewhere that some of his phrasing is funny in this interview. He's trying to drink the koolaid but stumbling in his attempts at saying the right things... he says something like "Troy brown, not saying he's an individual, but..."

    It's so evident he's trying though, that's what I take away from the interview. It's a beautiful thing.

    We want him to make it to the ego-less Pats Nirvana... he wants to make it... but the path to teamawareness is one he must, paradoxically, walk alone.


  10. Gopats!!!

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    I heard that and REALLY liked that.

    I though it was really cool.
  11. godef

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    Amen to that! Randy Moss has has put himself on the clock. If he can't produce for the Patriots (he can't make any excuses about being in an environment that won't give him a shot to win), his career will be toast. And it's apparent he realizes that. Which is a good thing.
  12. Patriot_in_NY

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    The other thing I got was......... I didn't sense a lot of BS in what he was saying. He was obviously trying to offer props, but he also has a tremendous amount of respect for him as well. It may have been awkwardly delivered, but that much was clear.

    He's my take, and I said it in another thread. No way Troy doesn't make the team in some capacity or another. Troy will "chris carter" Randy and help rehabilitate his career/legacy. Sounds odd that a 30 y/o would need a mentor, but I got a real sense that, like Dillon before him, Randy know he has one shot to establish his legacy and earn Canton. This is it, and he will need help.

    Troy Brown will be his coach. Just the impression I get. Will he catch any balls? prolly a couple.
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  13. shmessy

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    On the field, actually, Troy should be mentoring Welker.

    Perhaps his mentoring of Moss will be more off-field stuff.

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