Random thoughts on my Indy trip

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Miguel, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. Miguel

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    1.) It was a game that actually lived up to its hype.
    2.) The RCA dome is LOUD from 5:30 on. I hope that the new stadium will not be as loud. A couple of co-workers told me that they thought that the Bears stadium was louder. I just found that hard to believe.
    3.) The Colts fans were classy.
    4.) The mens' room during the halftime was like a morgue. It was somewhat surreal.
    5.) The Ghost impressed the heck out of me.
    6.) When was the last time that two offensive linemen scored TDs in a playoff game??
    7.) Remember all of the talk on this board that this would be the year that the Colts would implode.
    8.) For all of the talk that Manning comes up small in big games, Marvin Harrison must come up smaller.
    9.) Asante's agent has to be happy knowing that his client is going to get at least the franchise tag number next year
    10.) 32 points given up in the 2nd half!!!! Not good.
    11.) I love the idea of having a football stadium near downtown.
    12.) Remember all of the talk since 2004 Manning's contract would prevent the Colts from ever winning the Super Bowl. I have been asking for facts to support that claim. I have yet to see any but I do see the Colts as a 7-point favorite.
    13.) It was very nice to meet Triumph.
    14.) I met a Patriot fan who came all the way from Ireland to see the game.
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  2. pats1

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    Never, according to CBS.
  3. Gunnails

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    Who is the Ghost?

    I traveled all the way from OR to NJ to see the Bears play the Jets, it was my first Jets game, But this guy from Ireland, sucks to travel and then see your team lose.
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  4. Miguel

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    Stephen Gostkowski.
  5. Gunnails

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    Ah I see, Stephen "the Ghost" Gostowski, thanks for the info Miquel.
  6. Yes, the rookie kicker WAS impressive.

    Actually, so was the 3rd punter (mr. deca) for that matter.
  7. Buddah50

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    thanks for sharing Miguel and for all you do for this board

    here's to a better outcome next year

    cheers !
  8. RayClay

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    One thing I respect about Indy is they have a personnel plan and they stick to it.

    I personally think teams built on defense win more in the playoff, but teams without an identity never win.

    They pay big for offensive weapons, and fast pass rushers and manage to patch their defense enough to win.

    Plus they hired a defensive coach.

    We should stay consistent also which means reload with big, but more athletic defensive players.
  9. Pats726

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    Great report...and super comments..7) Yes, I have remembeered them...maybe they were off by a year?? From the little I have heard about cap space, it's this next year that is really bad for them...looking at who are FAs...true??? If that is the case, it seems it was set up for this year being the year... 10) By far..but did the D look like they were out of gas..just barely hanging on?? A long flight from SD and a really hard nosed game there and...the no-huddle really hurt the team...12) I agree totally AND it could have happened here in Boston...Kraft didn't do things the right way..he sort of stumbled at it, but given that and the antisemitism of some and the politocos who I think wanted a piece of it all, it was not going to happen.
    (Since when does 10 games played at a stadium be way too many and 80 something like the Sox have be OK...one wonders about the what and whys of that mess...) Nice to see what could have been in Boston. 13) Who is Triumph????
    Great points as always!! Great u had a super trip!!
  10. PatsWorldChamps

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    who gives a sh.it about the jets and their noodle-arm QB?
    what idiot would actually go from OR to NJ to see ANY sporting event? LOL.. you are a bonehead. dumb.as.ses like you are the reason losers think there is a bigfoot in oregon.
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  11. Gunnails

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    I guess you are saying you do not like me.:eek:

    Well the joke is on you cause Bigfoot lives in Washington :D
  12. Miguel

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    On January 9 a Panthers beat reporter reported that there were only 2 teams over the 2009 cap and the Colts were not one of them.

    Here is the list of the Colts free agents.
    Keiaho, Freddy ERFA Colts LB
    Ulrich, Matt ERFA Colts G
    David, Jason RFA Colts CB
    Gardner, Gilbert RFA Colts LB
    Lilja, Ryan RFA Colts G
    Schobel, Bo RFA Colts DE
    Scott, Jake RFA Colts G
    Sorgi, Jim RFA Colts QB
    Thomas, Josh RFA Colts DE
    Utecht, Ben RFA Colts TE
    Boiman, Rocky UFA Colts LB
    Freeney, Dwight UFA Colts DE
    Harper, Nick UFA Colts CB
    June, Cato UFA Colts LB
    Klecko, Dan UFA Colts DT
    Moorehead, Aaron UFA Colts WR
    Morris, Rob UFA Colts LB
    Mungro, James UFA Colts RB
    Proehl, Ricky UFA Colts WR
    Rhodes, Dominic UFA Colts RB
    Wilkins, Terrence UFA Colts WR

    I see four starters (Freeney, June, Harper, Morris) on the list. Here's how the Colts can keep them.
    Convert the roster bonuses of Manning and Mathis into signing bonuses freeing up over $11 million.
    Either release Stokely or have him take a pay cut. Cap savings of over a million.
    Go after Simon's signing bonus if he does not want to play football anymore. Cap savings - yet to be determined.
    Extend Glenn/McFarland. Cap savings - a couple of millions.

    The Colts started the 2005 AND the 2006 seasons as the 3rd youngest team - that is not a characteristic of a team entering cap hell. The Colts will get high comp picks for Edge, Thorton, and Hope so they will enter the draft with 9 picks. I just do not see the case for a Colts' implosion in 2007.

    I will say it again. Anyone who thinks that the Colts will implode in 2007 is undergoing wishful thinking, just like they were wrong in 2004, wrong in 2005, AND wrong in 2006.

    A fellow poster.

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