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    Ok, I am want to stop thinking about Brady because it is making me sick and focus on the game itself. Here are some thoughts (no Brady points allowed, plenty of other threads for that):

    1.) First, kudos to Matt Cassel. The guy came in and did more than just managed the offense. He was a key factor in the win.
    2.) I really love the potential of the Pats' multiheaded rushing monster. I think as the year goes on, they can constantly keep switching between Maroney, Morris, Faulk, and Jordan to keep defenses off guard. The DCs won't be able to gameplan against the Pats' running game because each back brings something different.
    3.) Overall the defense played very well other than one drive and breakdown in coverage on one play. Yes, you gotta temper the excitement a bit because it is KC, but they d-line dominated, the secondary overall were not giving the QBs much to throw to, other than one or two plays the run defense was stifling, and the team overall were creating pressure on the QBs at the right times.
    4.) A special shout out to Ellis Hobbs. Overall his play against Bowe was pretty good. He looked Samuel like on the INT.
    5.) Still don't like Chris Hanson.
    6.) If Vrabel, Thomas, and Bruschi are too old; I didn't see it today. They all were some of the biggest playmakers on defense.
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