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    After last nights performance, and until further notice, it's the big four. Some people still do not like Rondo's play. How long have the Celtics been looking for a point guard? How many good point guards are there in the NBA? Pitino traded away Billups because he was told by Cousy that there were only two true point guards in the league.
    Last night, Rhondo blocked a three point attempt on a 6-9" player (Rhondo @ 6') raced down court for the pass and jam. He had 16 assists, third most in Celtic finals history. He turned the ball over............twice. He may not have his stroke down yet, but I remember the same thing with DJ in the early years. When the year started, and after that first Detroit game where they kept trapping him, I had my doubts, but right now, he's golden.
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    For huge portions of the season, it was the Big 3 with Rondo being the 3rd and Ray Allen either injured or ineffective. I really think Rondo was the 3rd best player on this team this year, and that's not a knock on Allen, it's just proof of what Rondo did all year - drive, dish, play great defense, rebound, and shoot. Yes, he had his stroke working MOST of the year, he's lost some confidence in his shot in the postseason, but I think that'll come with experience.

    I don't know what Rondo ever did to Jeff Van Gundy, but I feel bad that the nation is going to walk away from these playoffs thinking Rondo is a weak link - if they believe dumba** Van Gundy - when he was really one of our most important players all year, and has been HUGE most of the time this postseason. Van Gundy constantly says that Rondo is a problem on offense b/c teams are doubling off of him on the weakside, yet he doesn't mention that when Rondo is out of the game - and this has happened every series - the team continues to double off the weakside. There were times last nite that Allen was left alone on the weakside. Teams have to double 2 players on this team (Pierce and KG) so naturally they are going to leave the weakside open and bank on their rotations getting there in time. The fact that Van Gundy doesn't realize this and point this out makes it blatantly clear why he's behind the mic and not coaching a team.

    I will say that Rondo could shoot more and he was hitting mid range shots almost the entire season - he just needs his confidence. If he finds that again in these playoffs, fine, if not, he's still a great player for the other things he does.
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