Quite a bit of buzz in Chicago

Discussion in 'Boston Celtics Fan Forum' started by JoeSixPat, Jul 3, 2010.

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    Wade, Bosh meet with Bulls, now going to take Aretha Franklin's advice and think - ProBasketballTalk - Basketball - NBC Sports

    It's been interesting to watch this develop - sounds like the Bulls are doing what they can to assemble a Super Team... must be some creative capology going on too

    Nice situation for former Celts assistant Thibodeau regardless - that would be amazing to see him take all that talent and firm up a strong defense behind them... as much as it would hurt the Cetlics it would be interesting to watch.
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    They would be a powerful team adding either LeBron or Wade and Bosch. I'm not quite sure what the Heat are doing here. They've been sitting on their hands and saving cap at the expense of the team for the last couple of years in anticipation of this time and they aren't even the power player here.
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    That buzz could be dying down a bit - if LeBron can convince Bosh that Cleveland isn't a ghost town, they've got a sign and trade in place with Toronto that would ensure that both Bosh and LeBron get top dollar from the Cavs.

    Seems to me that Chicago presents the better road to a championship for both of them, given the Noah and other players already in place - and with another Championship both could make out like bandits in endorsements - but I still get the feeling that Cleveland's going to pull this one off.
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