Quinn and the Raiders, but mainly WR choices

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  1. RxJock1120

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    There have been very premature reports that the Raiders are not in love with the idea of drafting Brady Quinn number 1, these reports also stated the they would not mind drafting JaMarcus Russell, watching the Sugar Bowl I don't really blame them. This got me thinking, what if we trade both our first rounders and a fourth, and maybe a seventh, to move up to the number one spot and grab Calvin Johnson. I know there is less then 5% chance this happens, but just picture Brady throwing to Calvin, with Caldwell as a number two, and Maroney in the backfield, that's one giant headache for any defensive coordinator. Also what about trading a first rounder for someone like Boldin, Arizona is bound to change their philosophy with a new coach and I am sure the new coach would love an extra first to build up the team in his vision. Any thoughts?????
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  2. SoonerPatriot

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    Five percent chance? I'd say more like 1 in a 1,000,000,000.

    Prediction: Whoever goes to the Raiders is doomed. I think it'll be Russell because somehow that just fits their style more. Meanwhile Quinn goes on to have a good career somewhere else.
  3. primetime

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    I'd trade the whole draft for Calvin Johnson.

    Maybe I'm exaggerating, but still, the guy's something special. He's Randy Moss without the attitude.

    And if I was the Raiders, I'd take Russell. I think Quinn will fall somewhat, but maybe that's just me. I think Russell will be a better pro than Quinn will ever be. I think Quinn's overhyped because he plays for Notre Dame. I think... alot of things.
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  4. Fanfrom1960

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    I've been thinking that whomever the Raiders pick might pull an Elway or an Eli and find a way to not go to the Raiders. That organization, if you can call it that, is screwed until Davis is gone. No decent coach or front office people will work for Davis. One fugly mess.
  5. RayClay

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    Are we allowed to play with only QBs and receivers?

    Powerful man love going on here.:p
  6. RayClay

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    You'll never keep the Lions away from Johnson.

    Their whole success is predicated on getting the best WR in the draft.
  7. RayClay

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    My bad, I don't follow the bottom feeders.

    The Raiders will have to unload the first Randy Moss, before they draft the next one.:D
  8. The Predator

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    We have way to many holes to fill than throw all our pics to take a shot at #1. Who will play cb next year and in the future? What do we do about out ILB and OLB? What about Rodney's replacement? Yes, we do need some WR. What about possible additions to the Oline? We have way to many need than to gamble pics away.
  9. primetime

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    Calvin Johnson.
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  10. mykl

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    I'd be real happy to hear this if I was Brady Quinn. I think he will have a successful pro career if he can land in the right location, but he is overhyped right now. He can't carry an organization as dysfunctional as the Raiders all by himself.
  11. RxJock1120

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  12. PatsDeb

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    I know Charlie Weis thinks he's great, but I am just not impressed with Brady Quinn. The other QB who played tonight (whose name escapes me) was much better than Quinn. In every big game ND played this year, Quinn either choked or was pretty average. I vaguely remember a 2nd half comeback that was good, but it followed a crappy 1st half that necessitated the 2nd half comeback.
  13. SoonerPatriot

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    I think people need to get of Brady Quinn's sack for a second.

    First off, the talent around the guy is mid-major at best, especially on defense. Weis hasn't had enough time to build up the talent level yet on either side of the ball.

    Second, he's played quite a few good games over the course of his career. People see one or two bad ones and all of the sudden they're experts on his entire career.

    I think Quinn goes on to be a good, but not great, NFL QB which is still a pretty big accomplishment. I find it hard to blame him personally for being overhyped.
  14. DarrylS

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    Anyone who thinks that the Pats will move up to get a WR is somewhat delusional. This team is built in the trenches, the O front 6 and the D front 7 with a great QB. As the D front 7(LB's specifically) is getting older, I suspect that will the the focus of their attention. Early to predict their draft board, but do not believe that they will spend a high draft pick on a receiver. They like servicable guys Caldwell etc., players who look glamorous on a team like the Pats are not a good fit or good overall value for this team. WR's look pretty on TV, but this organization does not see it that way. Look at how pretty Peyton, Marvin and company look but they cannot stop the run. Look at how pretty TO looks, absolute pain in the ass for Bill Parcells. Could go on an on, but do not see a WR in the crystalball.
  15. spacecrime

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    It's hard to have a second half comeback unless you are doing poorly enough to fall behind in the first half.
  16. Jacky Roberts

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    I personally think Oakland would be insane to take Quinn. He is overrated big time, I'd trade down and try to end up with one of the receivers (Johnson or Jarrett).
  17. QuiGon

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    I am a Notre Dame fan and I like Brady Quinn... I really do... but I just never got on the bandwagon of him being a great college QB. I just don't see 1st round potential in him - let alone a top-5 draft pick (even though that is what is going to happen). The guy has made an entire college career with 3 plays in his arsenal:

    1) Throw right side to Jeff Samardzija
    2) Throw left side to Jeff Samardzija
    3) Throw across the middle to Jeff Samardzija
  18. patsfan55

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    while i have been saying for a couple yrs now that we need youth at linebacker, dont say we will never go high on a wr
    deion branch: second round
    bethel johnson: second round
    chad jackson: second round

    we had high hopes for all of them, so dont think the pats dont want great wrs, i wouldnt be surprised if one of those first round picks ends up bein a wr, as you said though there are other needs:
    linebacker youth
    safety youth
    cornerback depth
    OFFENSIVE TACKLES-both sides
  19. The Gr8est

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    Great idea! I was kinda thinking maybe the Pats would want to pick a CB and LB with their #1 picks, but defense is SO overrated. Let's be the Colts, I'm on board!
  20. The Gr8est

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    Don't you mean their whole "failure" is based on getting the best WR in the draft?

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