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    #12 Jersey

    Their offense is pretty good, especially passing, that's a concern.

    Offensively, though, things should get a bit better.

    They're last in the league in yards allowed passing.
    They're second last in the league in yards per attempt allowed.
    They're 10th last in the league in QB rating allowed.

    Although the Patriots' pass defense is nothing to write home about, we actually have the 8th best QB rating allowed which shows QB aren't having their way with us as much as the yardage allowed makes it seem.

    One huge thing for the Packers is they're 3rd in sacks on the year so getting good, consistent protection is key because if they QB gets time, some work can be done on them.

    The GB run defense is pretty good. They're 10th best in the league allowing 3.8 YPC. So while I don't expect a balls out, all passing game like against he Vikings, it will probably be a game emphasizing passing especially with the lower part of our WR corps (namely Gaffney) emerging to give us a deep (though not top heavy) WR corps.

    Looking at their last game, vs. Minnesota, it looks like things now are as the season numbers suggest. 257 yards passing for B. Johnson with a high 8.6 YPA. But 3.75 YPC for Chester Taylor.

    For better or worse, this looks to be on Brady, the WR and especially the OL to score a good number of points.
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    Always thought that the QB rating allowed was a pretty good stat to determine pass defense, as it takes a pretty comprehensive look at the whole teams effort at stopping the pass.

    I expect to see a different team on the field this week, as much as I like Favre, we can control this game.
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    Good post, appreciate the insight, especially since I don't think I have seen a single play of a Green Bay game this season.
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    i think they also have good corners in harris and woodson..or at least reputation wise...
    The minn game can be diff to evaluate since its a division game which is usually diff for both teams...that being said, the packers on off have been playing quite well recently

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