Questions: A Day in the life of a Patriot player

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    As much as I try to keep up with everything going on with the Pats, there are some basic things I have never hear much about.

    Home Games
    I assume the players drive themselves to the game and have their own exclusive entry. Do they arrive so early that they have a meal together? Is there a cafeteria there? Or do they just cater food and use some large multi-purpose room?

    When I went to a game years ago in the Carroll-era, we waited at an exit where plenty of players came out, signed autographs and took pictures. Do they still do that? I'm gonna be at the Miami game so if there is any autograph opportunities I'd definitely be willing to wait.

    Away Games
    From my experience with the Arizona game a couple of seasons ago, I believe that the hotel the team stays at is usually kept quiet but inevitably gets out (probably through player family and friends). Is there an easier way to get this info? Next season the Pats play a bunch or road games on the west coast so I'd love to book the hotel they are staying when possible.

    Do they share hotel rooms? These multi-millionaires would typically be staying in upper-end suites if travelling on their own so its funny to think of them sharing standard hotel rooms though I guess that serves the purpose of bonding and keeping players out of trouble.

    I believe that they also receive travel per diem (money for meals and incidental travel expenses), which again is rather comical considering their exorbitant salaries. Anyone know how much it is per day? Or how it is determined?

    Do they get new helmets and uniforms for every game? Or maybe just as needed? You see game-used equipment on eBay from time to time and I just wonder how it gets there.

    When a player is on the active squad for less than a full-season, is their contract salary prorated? Last season we had a bunch of RBs and DBs who were with the Pats for short periods. Do they get 1/16th of the salary for every game that they are active?

    Anything else interesting about what players go through off the field?

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