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Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by DefenseRules, Feb 14, 2008.

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    When do the players who actually played the game get some credit?
    You know, the ones who had to block, tackle, run routes and catch a pass, run the ball and throw the ball so that we could win those Super Bowls. And let's not forget that HOF kicker we had. You know, the one who made those kicks so that we could win those Super Bowls.
    My point is a very simple one. BB told Goodell that he's been doing these video tapes since 2000...at least that's what Goodell revealed yesterday.
    I went back and looked at the highlights or basically the lowlights of that 2000 Patriots team. God that team was AWFUL. We had very little TALENT on that team. It made me stop and think. I then went back and watched that 2001 team ( yes I have the DVD :D ). That team had more talent than the 2000 team, but it wasn't overwhelming. That team just played well together. They really did. In 2002, the Talent level on the team wasn't very good and of course we didn't make the playoffs.

    The Talent in 2003 and 2004 was much better. That's when we picked up guys like Colvin, Harrison, Poole ( he didn't suck his first year ), Ted Washington etc.

    I could go on, but my point here is a very simple one. I don't care how much film you have on an opposing team. If you don't have THE PLAYERS to make the plays, you are not going to win much in this league.
    The Patriots did not win because they had a camera, they won because that coaching staff had good football players to coach and those players knew how to make plays. Did the videotaping help? Of course it did? So do the coaches tapes that every team receives from the NFL. But if the players can't block, and tackle, if the defense can't defend the run and the pass, if offense can't execute the pass or the run. How many games do you think this team or any team would win?

    The players deserve credit for being able to execute their techniques and the plays to win the game. No Video Camera can go out on the field and block and tackle for them. Did the video give us an unfair advantage? Who knows? They still had to break down that film and devise a game plan from it. It certainly didn't help us blow teams out.

    HOW on earth did that Giant defense stop us. According to them, they studied a lot of film on our offense. Did they cheat? No. They studied film on us and used that information to devise an excellent game plan, and they had the players TO EXECUTE IT. Good for them.

    To hear the haters talk, our players don't deserve any credit for having any TALENT to play the game. The video camera gave them the TALENT . I'm still trying to figure out how that video camera helped Adam make all those kicks under pressure.
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