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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Krugman, May 19, 2006.

  1. Krugman

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    I couldnt remember this guys name,he was a fullback,often used as a tight end,was with the Pats for two years ,I believe,was one of Bledsoe's comfort guys,then was traded to the Eagles.Maybe Kevin Turner??Ring a bell?
  2. AzPatsFan

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    That was his name. His loss to teh Eagles turned the '95 season badly, as he was a reliable check down for Bledsoe and he didn't have one that year.
  3. Krugman

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    Thanks, Az...

    I remember his loss was felt the next year...
  4. PATSNUTme

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    Mills is suppose to be a Kevin turner type player. Hopefully, he will be a better blocker.
  5. Pats726

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    He was also a tough inside runner...yes..his loss was BIG...Mills may be similar...a great option to have on 3rd downs..
  6. jczxohn1

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    Yes, it was Kevin Turner, he was replaced by Sam Gash. Best blocking FB in the league, but not as versatile.
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  7. chris_in_sunnyvale

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    Turner wasn't a good lead blocker, but he was very good on picking up the blitz. In 1994, every opponent knew Drew would be dropping back to pass on almost every down, yet he was rarely sacked. Turner played a big part in that.

  8. chowder

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    i remember when we got Keith Byars to play fullback for us too. I'm hoping Mills can play a similar role for us.
  9. JoeSixPat

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    Turner was among the last of his kind - not sure if the skills of FBs declined but it became very much a blocking position

    Turner was good for 40-50 catches whereas FBs like Byers and Edwards had maybe half that many... and when BB let Edwards walk (thinking Richie Anderson - a throwback FB of sorts - was on his way here but jilted us for Dallas) it seemed like he fully abandoned the position as an offensive tool - using FB as an extra blocker and/or putting a Defensive player in to block or catch a TD now and then

    Seems like the rest of the league has followed BB's lead making it a blocking position - though again that could be for a lack of talent

    Wouldn't surprise me to see BB redefine the position again at some point - heck maybe one of our TEs is being groomed for just that sort of position
  10. Digger44

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    Larry Centers has been around a long time. He had a solid career, but not very glorious.
  11. primetime

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    Turner was great (good inside runner, caught the ball real well), yes, but Byars was the exact opposite of a "traditional" FB. He, like Centers, was more of an H-back (though with more blocking responsibilities).

    Byars caught 81 passes in 1990 and ended his 12 year career with 610 catches. He had only 200 less catches than Jimmy Smith had as a wide receiver in 13 years, and Smith was a number 1 receiver for his whole career, more or less (Centers ended his 13 year career after a year with the Patriots with 827 catches, which is more than Jimmy Smith in the same time span).

    If Mills turns into Turner, I'll be happy. If he turns into Centers or Byars, that's incredible.
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  12. JoeSixPat

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    I'm talking about Byars when he was with the Patriots.... I'll eat my shoe if he ever had 60 receptions, let alone 80.

    He was more like a 25 recption guy - one, maybe 2 passes a game on average

    I'm pretty sure at that point they were plugging Byars in at FB - whether he was a FB or not - that's my point - that the true FB who could run, catch and block became a thing of the past - I don't think the Pats have had anyone near as offensively productive since Kevin Turner at FB and in fact, BB plugs in defensive players at that position on goalline situations
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  13. Digger44

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    And who could forget the Keith Byars shuffle? The man did not know how to break out into a flat out run. He just kinda shuffled his feet in small steps and was able to make big plays. If anybody can pull up a video, wath for the shuffle.
  14. primetime

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    You're right, though the Pats signed him midseason (and he only played one season before shuffling off to the Jets for a couple years). He was an instrumental piece in that playoff run though.

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