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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by tedylb, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. tedylb

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    Edwards, on his first drive, moved through the Patriot's defense with ease, looking like a young Brady, After that, it was mostly three and out for the Bills' O. What defensive adjustments did the Pats make to cause such a dramatic change?
  2. edzo44

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    They pulled their heads out of their butt!!! :D
    ( Or they adapted to the different style of QB. Much less danger of the QB taking off on them so they could concentrate on the pocket presence. Cover his receivers well, nobody to go to, jump around with happy feet until the pocket collapsed and nail him.)
  3. Canada's #1 Pats Fan

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    The Secondary started to play a lot more zone coverage after that first Edwards drive.
  4. FlyingElvis75

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    I think they also didn't quite know what to expect from Edwards, so they overplayed the pass a bit and the run defense suffered. But I don't have TiVo, so I'm not sure.

    I believe Belichick made a comment about how the Bills initially caught them off-guard by showing pass and then running. Obviously, they caught on pretty quickly after that drive...
  5. PATRIOT64

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    Sometimes a team does not prepare for what a NEW QB brings to the table,I am sure NE did not expect nor plan on Losman to get injured so when Edwards came in it was a 'lets see what you got' type of thinking,Once the team caught some of his plays they adjusted and went for the throat.
  6. DarrylS

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    Listening to Wilfork on EEI yesterday, he said in their preparation they prepare for the replacement players as well as the starters.. their film study includes all, but that does not replace actually seeing the guy on the field, his speed and his tendencies. So I suspect there were some changes to the style of the Bills and the Pats adjusted.
  7. Pats726

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    I heard that as I first believed that with Edwards and the change, this really caught them off guard. I also think (from what I heard..) that Buffalso ran a few schemes that the Pats did not see before. They did make adjustments to this and shut them down big time.
  8. betterthanthealternative

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    It IS possible that, for that first drive, the Buffalo coaches had something going that our coaches weren't prepared for initially, and that the answer is that simple.

    The Jets had pretty good success against us early in the first quarter, as well.
  9. Mike the Brit

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    I'm no expert, but I think that wrapping up tackles on Marshawn Lynch would have helped too.
  10. Eugene Chung

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    I believe Belichick mentioned this in his post-game press conference. Something along the lines of the Bills calling plays they had never seen from them. From where I was sitting, it looked like the Pats were initially dropping their LBs into a zone. This allowed Lynch to pick up some of the bigger gains. As the game wore on, the LBs weren't dropping back as often. That observation could be completely wrong.
  11. PatsFan37

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    The tackling did look pretty awful on that first drive. IMHO

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