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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TrueBeliever, Sep 27, 2010.

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    I know, I know, I'm the last person in the world under the age of 70 who doesn't have a cell phone plan. Long story short, we have a land line as well as a prepaid Tracfone, but have decided to drop the land line altogether and switch to cells. Thing is our land line is part of a bundle with our DirecTV package and our Internet service. When I called to see how much it would cost if I cancel the land line and just keep the Internet, the gal I talked to said they could lower the cost of my bundle to $110.

    Now, if you look at it, just having the DTV and the Internet would cost me around $100, so it could almost be worth it to just keep my current set-up. BUT... the bundle price doesn't include all the extra taxes and fees they tack on to the cost of the land line, which is an extra $20-25 a month, which brings my total to $135.

    In theory, I could have everything I have now, plus our cell plan, for what I'm paying now. I've been thinking that it might be nice to still have the land line in case of an emergency, in case someone from way back is trying to reach us and can't, etc. But then part of me says, "Bull, an extra $20-30 each month could go a long way."

    So does anyone here still have a land line and wish they didn't? Or vice versa? Any help would be preshadit.
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    I went without a land line for about 8 years. From 2001-2009. I lived on my own, and after a year of paying $40 for a land line I never used, I got rid of it. Now I have one cuz I got married, and my wife insisted. You know women, they love to talk on the phone. One option you might want to consider is one of those Magic Jack type deals, where you pay for a gizmo that sets up a phone line through your internet. They're a mixed bag, but if you're only lookin to have a line at the house, for the sake of having a line at the house, it might be worth it. If it's just you, then go for the cell phone. It's what I did.
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    Good to see your priorities are straight.

    Tv plus Direct- Tv is the most important.

    Phone wise..... go with Verizon

    Verizon is free (calling a verizon phone..... free nights at 9pm and free weekends.

    Free =:)

    Verizon all the way:cool: Most ppl have Verizon anyways

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