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    I have no way of getting an answer anywhere with a search so maybe someone has an answer to this...

    In regards to keeping some of our more prominent players on light duty in training camp which obviously is what BB is doing, has there EVER been a popular or prominent player on this team who has been non injured during most of July/August that has sat out ALL of the preseason games and did not get on the field till week 1 of the regular season?
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    If you're saying healthy scratch, that's doubtful. Some have very light duty, but there's no substitute for real hitting and executing plays to get ready for the season.

    Players can get injured in the regular season too and it's more likely if you aren't "up to speed"
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    That's what I thought..Although Didn't Deion Branch miss like most of the preseason but was NOT injured a few years ago. Was BB trying to SAVE him for the season?
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    I thought that was the case with Branch.

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