Question about the Bills first drive

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Pats726, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. Pats726

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    I thought it was quite easy..and I wondered if because the defense had basically prepared for Losman, that with a new QB in the game that that threw them off a bit..and easy TD drive. Just curious about that as it seemed the D made quick adjustments after..
  2. Bertil

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    BB said, in the post-game interview that the Bills threw some new schemes at them and that they had to adjust. I think that explains it. That and I think Edwards was a better QB than they were expecting.
  3. FirstAndGoal

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    I think it was the Bill's scheme. They came out with some formations that the Pats didn't expect and I think their reads were messed up. They looked a little confused by it. They had it figured out by the second series though.

    That's usually why teams tend to get into their base defense until they see what the other team is doing. The Bills did to us what we did to the Chargers in terms of coming out in an unexpected way. Fortunately, we are better at adjusting to it.
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    By the second drive we had analyzed our stolen signals

    (sorry, i couldn't resist)

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