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    The next Coach of the Phish is doomed to failure. They need a thorough tear down and rebuild. Nick tried to show he could return to winning ways before the downfall and after two years admitted, by his leaving, that it couldn't be done. The Wanstadt rot is too deep.

    Think of a tear down like the Titans did under Fsiher and Reese. It took three years of losing and building to just get back to the possibility of winning. Thats' teh dimension of what is needed in Miami.
    So hire the guy who rebuilt the Titans...Floyd Reese.

    Let him hire the sacrificial lamb for a couple of three years for the rebuild, and losing, and then seek a competent Coach when they would listen as the prospects have improved...

    Reese as GM, and some poor lamb...

    Do you agree?
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    Ummm, isn't disgusti at KFFL? Or is he here too and I missed him?

    The 2001 Patriots were proof that teams don't need 3 years to rebuild if they have the right guy in charge. Floyd Reese is the guy who got them in trouble in the first place, and they aren't rebuilt yet by any stretch. Might as well suggest they hire Bobby Grier.
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    Sure, the 2k1 edition of the Pats showed that 3 years isn't mandatory... but it's also so far outside the norm that you can't really use them as a model. That team was never meant to compete, the previous year they swallowed the bitter pill of cap number reduction and the cupboard was pretty bare in terms of talent... then the miraculous happened, they hit on pretty much every free agent signing that year (which almost never happens), and scored huge with some draft picks in Richard Seymour and Matt Light, and of course, Tom Brady, a once in a lifetime quarterback, emerged. Miami's defense is aging, even if they stripped down the roster and started over, and made solid draft picks for the next two years, AND in 2008-09 hit on every free agent signing, they'd STILL need to find a Tom Brady type. Cleo Lemon isn't that guy, so I wouldn't hold my breath with the Dolphins. They need to find a quarterback, first and foremost.
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    #12 Jersey

    Yeah Az, Disgusti is at KFFL.

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