QB or not QB? That's the question

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    It is also a good reason for the Pats to continue what they have been doing all along...draft a QB late and try to develop him. If he's good, like Brady, he can be developed and worked in slowly without the intense media and fan scrutiny, or can benefit the franchise when he or the incumbant is traded.

    I like that strategy...sometimes you get a Rohan Davey or a Kliff Kingsbury, but sometimes you get a Matt Cassell or if you're really fortunate, a Tom Brady.

    A bad pick with the consequent cap hit, like a Ryan Leaf, can do major damage to a franchise and set them back for years.
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    I have had the premonition that Charlie Whitehurst will become a Pat in the fourth round of the draft.

    I watched a rerun of the combine workouts and I liked a kid named Ingle Martin from Furman(?), who I had never heard of. He could be the proverbial 6th rounder, if Whitehurst is not picked.
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    Ingle Martin was the QB at Florida before getting beaten out by Leak. He also punted some. He was horrible at Florida but seemed to get back on track at Furman.

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