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(PS3) PHML - Madden'13 Sign-ups (Die hard Pats fans reserve your team ASAP!

Discussion in 'Arcade Forum' started by Aaron13pgh, Jul 29, 2012.

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    PHML - POWERHOUSE MADDEN LEAGUE (Only on Playstation 4)
    Connected Franchise Mode League (Coaches/Owners Style League)
    PHML League Advances:
    Every Tuesday,Thursday,Saturdays @ 8PM EST!

    Requirements to join the league - PS4,Cell# for texting,Groupme,Madden'15

    About PHML:
    PHML has been around for awhile and every season has been a success.
    PHML is a Standard Sim League that emulates the NFL as much as possible!
    PHML uses Texting & Groupme for communication purposes & Scheduling Games.

    PHML will seek to provide a Clear, Comprehensive, And fair set of rules.
    Also want to emphasize good sportsmanship amongst the league’s owners.
    For anyone looking for Active, Competitive, Dedicated SIM Madden League.
    We have a solid core of Veterans, Also we have a Solid staff crew filled with Experienced Commissioners.

    Salary Cap - On
    Skill Level - All-Madden
    Quarter Length - 6 Minutes
    Accel Clock - OFF
    Game Speed - FAST

    Why should you join PHML?
    Duration –
    Sick of leagues that die out after 1-3 months?
    Here all your decisions matter and you can plan your team based on the long-term implications.
    We will complete a minimum of 6-7 full Madden seasons and all owners are expected to commit to that before joining.
    Be a part of a history that will last.
    Stability– The league will always advance at the set advance times, No Exceptions.
    We adjust our advance schedule minimally around major holidays only.
    Of course vacations are taken and emergencies happen, but owners are generally expected to play all their games.
    Owners- Our owners uphold the highest standard of sim play and activity.
    If an owner is not playing sim or is not playing at the high level of activity we require,they are removed.
    We only have room for the most dedicated and active sim Madden players.
    Fun – At the end of the day, everyone in PHML has fun.
    We like to see new rivalries happen and allow owners to have a war of the words before they settle it on the field.
    This is a league for adults who want to have fun in a competitive environment.

    So you've decided to take the next step and join us. Here's what you need to do:
    1. Register for the forums Here .
    2. Read and acknowledge the Official Powerhouse Madden League Rulebook .
    3. Fill out an Owner's Application and we'll contact you if we think you're a good fit for THE Powerhouse Madden League.

    If you have any questions feel free to contact me!!!



    President | Powerhouse Madden League
    Website | www.facebook.com/groups/PowerhouseMaddenLeague/
    Forum | http://maddensimleagues.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=362
    Email | [email protected]
    CELL l (412) 277-1549
    PSN l Aaron13Miami
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    Jul 29, 2012
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