Props to the Quintero's for taking on the Nanny State

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    This is another example of the gubmit telling you what you can do, simply cuz it wants to. This time it's city gubmit undertaking the job of the Nanny State, in telling an owner of a property that he can't paint a fish on his walls. Hey, how about a big go **** yourself. [​IMG] In between walking around neighborhoods, and writing fines for keeping trash, in a barrel on your property, but not to their liking, or mailing you a citation cuz they don't like your shoveling job after a blizzard, it seems these city gubmits want to fine you for painting a fish on your wall.

    I love the Quintero's for hanging the banner below. Another [​IMG] to the Nanny State.


    Props to the ACLU too. Good show! [​IMG]

    Bait shop cited for First Amendment banner


    Article published on Wednesday, March 4, 2009


    After receiving fines for a fish mural on their building, the owners of The Complete Angler tackle shop in Clearwater covered it up with a banner of the First Amendment. Clearwater has now cited the business for displaying the banner.

    An image of the store and incomplete mural before it was ordered to be covered up.

    CLEARWATER – The American Civil Liberties Union of Florida and its Pinellas County chapter filed a federal lawsuit Feb. 24 against Clearwater on behalf of a Clearwater business, The Complete Angler.


    The Quinteros paid $690 in fines to the city and were ordered to cover up the mural.


    “They sent me a notice of violation that said I put up an illegal sign without the proper permits or anything and it’s additional signage, so we can’t have it,” Quintero said. “Now, because it’s the second violation on the same piece of property, it’s subject to a $500-a-day fine.”

    The banner was supposed to come down Feb. 27, but Quintero said he will not take it down.

    : Clearwater Citizen - Tampa Bay Newspapers
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    And I thought I ACLU was a bad thing..

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