Proof Vince Hurt Losman By Accident

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  1. PatSunday

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    1. Visit this page

    2. Click the triangle (play button) in the main video screen

    3. Click the full screen button below the video

    4. Replay the video from 17 seconds to 23, over and over.

    5. Notice how fast everything happened in real time.

    6. Notice a blocker pushing Wilfork's shoulders.

    7. Notice Wilkfork push through the blocker's right hand side.

    8. Notice how the blocker grabs Wilfork's arm temporarily as Wilfork runs past.

    9. Notice the blocker feels through Wilfork's back.

    10. Notice the blocker feels him down to Wilforks hamstrings.

    11. Notice the blocker feels Wilkfork's lower legs.

    12. Notice the blocker has hands on Wilfork's ankles.

    13. By the way, notice that by this time, another Buffalo player has his hands on the other of Wilfork's legs.

    14. Notice the blocker had never ceased contact with Wilfork's body during the entire play.

    15. Notice Wilfork's hamstring and his hands are below the knees are for tackling, as there is no other reason for this.

    16. Notice the "blocker" (by now in quotes) fly forward wrapped up around Wilfork's legs.

    17. Notice how much faster everything is as this is the first defensive stand in the entire game.

    18. Notice the clock says 14:54, 1st quarter, at the time of contact.

    19. Notice there is no reason for one, two then three Buffalo players to fall on Wilfork's legs. They're supposed to be blocking, not tackling!

    20. Wilfork still manages to fly through and all the other videos show him to have been "untouched" and deliberately diving at Losman's legs.

    21. If you pause right before the hit, Wilforks arms are extended up towards the shoulders of Losman, about a foot away.

    22. Notice that clearly Wilfork isn't diving to the left or the right, but towards Losman.

    23. Notice how with his hands being at shoulder height of Losman, Wilfork looks read to wrap around Losman's waist.

    24. Notice how unexpectedly Wilfork pulls his arms down, and at the same time, turns his body to his left to avoid Losman during the final tenth of a second or less.

    25. Notice that neither Buffalo player had a right to pull on Wilfork's legs at any time.

    26. Notice that Wilfork's tried to avoid crashing into Losman's knee or waist with his big helmet, by turning to his left (away) and retracting his arms down.

    I don't think there should be a penalty since Wilfork was in perfect position to make a play at Losman's waist. There should be several holding calls. Also, the media should show the full clip, not the cut away angle that makes it look like Wilfork was not touched when he went for Losman.

    This was an excellent play by Wilfork. The injury is not a good thing, but the play was excellent. Nobody is giving him credit for being fast and getting around the original blocker, who never separated his hands from Wilfork's body and dragged on Wilfork's legs near the end.
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  2. RayClay

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    My read, starting from 6 to 16.

    Are you implying the blocker was trying to have sex with Wilfork?

    He is in great shape this year.:D
  3. BadMoFo

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    Too much time on your hands, I see. :D
  4. mb6592

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    10. Notice the blocker feels him down to Wilforks hamstrings.

    11. Notice the blocker feels Wilkfork's lower legs.

    12. Notice the blocker has hands on Wilfork's ankles.

    At least you posted this after midnight when the kids are already asleep.
  5. NovaScotiaPatsFan

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    27. notice me not even making it to # 4.
  6. He Ban Me

    He Ban Me Banned

    ^^^While I appreciate your effort^^^ - you could write an entire BOOK about "proof", but there is really nothing out there thta will "prove" anything one way or the other.
  7. MetalBleachers

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    Only VW knows for sure. At worst, I think he saw Losman out of the corner of his eye and wanted to give him a nudge, throwing out his arm to do so. I don't believe he intended to hurt anyone.

    Of course, Bills fans will have a different opinion, no matter how well you break down the tape. :(
  8. mossdeep

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    hahahahah....LOL, thats exactly what I was thinking.

    but seriously, we appreciate your point of view to the thread starter
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  9. PatsMan26

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    PatSunday, get a clue, seriously. Everyone likes Vince and doesn't percieve him as a dirty player but he tried to get a hit on the QB. Let it go.
  10. reflexblue

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    Its the first time i've seen the clip. It looks to me that VW was putting his hands up to block the ball,or Losermans vision and was tackled from behind.
  11. 5 Rings for Brady!!

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    Obviously this poster spent a lot of time breaking this down, so nice effort, but I guess I personally see this from a long time football fan's point of view.

    Who cares? He was trying to get to the quarterback at full speed and then a split second later, like the blink of an eye, he fell forward, for any number of reasons.

    It was a game time incident, nothing more, nothing personal.

    I am growing tired of the politically correct climate that is growing around this country, even in the football community. Vince hit the guy, end of story. Who cares.

    We are becoming a nation of thin-skinned crybabies, and Losman is an example of this.

    This is a man's sport. Brady, or Favre, or whoever, would have patted Vince on the helmet and said "is that all you got?". Then Brady would have lined up for the next snap.

    We recently witnessed Eli "too good for Chargers" Manning pulled out of a losing game because of a shoulder boo-boo. You think Brady would have come out of that game? You think BB would have let him come out?

    Vince apologized to Losman, but Losman wasn't man enough to accept it and move on.
  12. signbabybrady

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    Why the hell does everything have to blown way out of proportion.

    It was not intential but it was a illegal hit. It's not like vince was trying to avoid Losman, he was trying to make the tackle, but it's not like he had a clear shot and chose to dive at his legs.

    He hit the QB where he can't Illegal period but not a cheap shot.

    You what is most crazy though is people that say he came thru clean....If he went thru clean than Losman should blame his O-line because there is no excuse for a NT not to be touched on the first play of the game.
  13. zoostation

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    LOL! With ya on that!
  14. PatSunday

    PatSunday Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    This my first post, actually (I just registered.)

    It wasn't a dirty hit. Vince was not trying to hit the QB.

    Yes this is a different clip than shown elsewhere. This video shows the blockers pulling on Vince's legs as he's actually reaching up for Losman's shoulders and waist.

    The blockers should not have interfered from behind after Vince made his way past them. The play looks suspicious because Vince twists to his left and curls to avoid Losman as he sees the ball leaving his arm and feels two Buffalo players holding his ankles. The penalty was for a low hit or a late hit. In fact, it wouldn't have been late nor low if there was no interference on Vince.

    Explain to me why there should be 3 Buffalo players on Vince's legs at the same time. The third Buffalo player seems to have fallen on Vince's body accidentally, but the first 2 have no excuse. Why is the first Buffalo player holding onto Vince's legs and flying towards Losman as well? If that caused even 6 inches of delay, it threw the entire tackle off and Vince had to abort just as his outstretched hands were 1 foot away from Losman's shoulders.
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