Proof Giant fans are classless

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by KDPPatsfan85, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. KDPPatsfan85

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    I am on facebook, debating with Giant fans.

    Me: I love it how the roles are reversed. The giants and fans are very ****y, just like how the Patriots and fans and I were in 2007. Everyone is picking the giants to win and in 2007 everyone picked the Patriots. The only difference is the Patriots have MHK!!!3 minutes ago · Like

    [​IMG]Giants Fan: She's a bag of bones now, Robert Kraft was bangin 21 year olds the day after she kicked the bucket

    I told him to tweet the patriot players with that and he said he is!!!
  2. Ice_Ice_Brady

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    One scumbag fan does not equal an entire fanbase.

    I don't think most Giants fans are that disrespectful. But I am surprised by the general euphoria going around their boards right now; pretty much everything NYG is extremely ****y and just throwing everything they believed in out the window. I hope the Pats pop this bubble.
  3. sevengables_2207

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    Part of me thinks that is just awful, and would not want it to be made manifest to the Patriots players/staff via twitter.

    However, another part of me thinks... more fuel for the proverbial bulletin board hitherto overflowing with material out of NY
  4. RelocatedPatFan

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    Every fan base has it knuckleheads and fans whos knuckles drag on the ground.

    The funny thing about (us) the fans, is that we are so wrapped and invested in the team and something their loyalty entitles them to behve that way (which I too am guilty of from time to time, like when I pick on Rex Ryan).
  5. BoTown

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    I agree entirely.

    Whoever made that tasteless comment about Myra deserves the negative karma coming to them.
  6. sevengables_2207

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    His or her negative karma will be delivered a little over 48 hours from now when the NYG experience the misfortune of running into the buzz-saw that is the 2011 Pats. :)
  7. rsd

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    Why would you post this juvenile garbage? And I'm aiming that at both you and your friend. Let's post every time someone in the world says something bad about the Patriots!

    Serenity now!
  8. NinjaZX6R

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    We could help the OP. Go to the facebook link and report the Giant fan....
  9. robbomango

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    yeah, Yeah, I'll Tweet it, Yeah!!! I'm not scared of those wimps, Yeah!!!

    Just another online coward...
  10. reflexblue

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    You understand they are trying to upset you, right?
  11. BelizePats

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    I ahve a good friend in NYC who is a life long big time Giants fan and she is pissed by how sevral of the Gonats are talking like the game is already over. I've been emailing her all week say basically, "there is no point in us even showing up seeing as the Giants have already won".
    Today she emailed me back saying that she's getting bad karma/mojo vibe right now about the Giants.
  12. KDPPatsfan85

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    I dont know that guy who said it! I usually dont post things like this, but a lot of Giant fans I know are talking alot of smack about MHK. I decided to post this one!
  13. sevengables_2207

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    Internet Tough Guy Syndrome

    A fairly common phenomenon on the web.
  14. Halifax_Pats_Fan

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    A lot of the Giants fans I know aren't that bad....but this guy remind me of [​IMG]

    Just a lame azz .... "put your name on it"
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  15. guardplay320

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    A bunch of Sox fans have posted 9/11 references through the years on the Yankees boards. I'm sure most of them are also Pats fans if they are Sox fans. I don't use that to generalize your fanbase and call them classless.
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  16. Jackson 2

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    Nice try. Too late. The yapping has already been done, noted and confirmed. It's gone down just the way I dreamed it would. Two weeks ago I really thought that the Giants' fans and players were different than their Jets' counterparts. I was wrong. Jets' fans/Giants' fans - Jets' players/Giants' players: no difference when it comes to classless yapping.
  17. guardplay320

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    Too late? Does that even make sense? Too late for what? To point out that every fanbase has their idiots? Sorry, I guess I'll have to leave this board which oozes nothing but class (that isn't a knock on the board in general and more a knock on a few of the clueless generalizations by a small handful of posters in this thread). After all, Boston fans have an amazing reputation for being classy around the country. Just like New Yorkers, Boston fans are passionate. Passion is dangerous because when it is combined with idiots, it brings out the worst. New York and Boston have some of the best and worst fans out there.
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  18. patriotsflow

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    Giants fans are classless and so is their team. They scream bloody murder about the saints bounties... but did they miss the article about Giants players admitting they were going after 49ers Williams head knowing he had concussions in the past.

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