Pronouns And Moss

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PatsFanInVa, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. PatsFanInVa

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    Okay guys. Simple exercise:

    Every Randy article/interview you see/read, look for the number of times he says "me" or "I".

    Compare/contrast with another Patriot of your choosing.

    I love this pickup. But the morning after is kicking in... there's work to be done (which they've already obviously started doing... you can see it when he says things like "not saying Troy Brown is an individual, just what he meant to this team...")

    His heart's in the right place, but he's still struggling w/the media approach of "we speak" versus "me speak."

    RANDY, dude, WELCOME, we love you, no harm intended here, but...

    It's a different world in NE. Just do your job, prepare like there's no tomorrow, run your route, and when the ball comes your way catch it. If you actually threw a block or two, this fan base would salivate... but that's about it. You're a Patriot now. The "me" pressure's off. The "we" pressure's on!

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    Don't think that didn't cross my mind while the interview was going on either lol. I think we all know he is a risk to the chemistry but I am going to bank that the veterans will help his transision to this team nicely.
  3. PatsFanInVa

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    Yeah me too Missile...

    Once I get my grad work done for this semester, I think I might institute "Moss Pronoun Watch," where I do a longitudinal (over time) study to see how frequently he uses "me" and "I" in interviews (starting w/the ones from the trade, then tracking until the season opens.)

    If I do this, I sincerely hope to God the players don't really read this board. Last thing I would want is to be messing with their heads by putting them under the fanboy microscope.

  4. Bella*chick

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    Yeah, but he's been a Pat for what, one day? I say give him some time. I think it's sort of weirdly endearing to see him trying.

    Anyway, the best thing the vets in the locker room will teach him will be not to even talk to the media. Let's hope they do. I foresee trouble if he allows himself to be baited by the Boston sports media.
  5. PatsFanInVa

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    "Endearing" is exactly the right word. I don't see trouble in this, I see a guy who has made a deal: You give me a chance to really get a shot at the Super Bowl, and I'll try my best to get past the Peter Pan syndrome.

    To me it looks like they got a rough "do's and don'ts" sheet in front of him for the blizzard of trade interviews.

    I know, it's obsessing... but what better way to establish that the NE system is both selective, and, in some cases, transformative?

    The "Foxboro graduate program" (Seau's idea, not mine,) marches on.

    PS - Yes, I am the same guy that talks about how NE is where ordinary guys get turned into stars... so I am definitely skeptical on what happens when you import the stars. There have been a few, granted (Dillon, Vrabel, Harrison...) But only Dillon was really already at the "star" end of the spectrum. Maybe Harrison. Interesting times.... But I do trust BB to know better than say, IndyStar, how it will all turn out!


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