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Promotion for Maj Nidal Hasan Despite Incompetence & Unprofessionalism

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by State, Jan 22, 2010.

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    #17 Jersey

    I don't get it, folks. The guy is fat, undisciplined, produces shoddy work laden with Koranic Krap, is very unproductive and various of his supervisors tried to get him kicked out of the program at Walter Reed or the Army but were allegedly told to back off. Why? The legal hassle would be too much? Political correctness? A desperate need for psychs in the Army, even if they are 20 pounds overweight and care more for their religion than their miserable performance.

    Heads may roll for this.

    When I was in the Army blowing off the APFT, the physical fitness test, was unthinkable and _never_ done. But that was 20 years ago.

    Hassan killed 14 people at Ft. Hood. Most sources say 13, but the lady with the baby inside her counts as two.


    Army doctors could face discipline
    Troubles frequent in Hasan's medical training
    A 'Major' disaster - NYPOST.com

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  2. patsfan13

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    Political Correctness is deadly. If not for political corectness he would have been booted out of the military.
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    Whether or not it is about political correctness is an easy knee jerk reaction, or it may be because there are so few mental health professionals versed in PTSDT... that a lot of things were overlooked.

    No matter what happened, a lot of heads are going to roll... crimes of ommission are often as serious as crimes of commission, you cannot look the other way..
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