Pro-Pats Anti-Jets Article from Chicago

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by btdrnks, Sep 13, 2007.

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  1. btdrnks

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  2. everlong

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    "He came to the Jets as a pudgy little wannabe"

    The PLW HC of the NYJ.
  3. PonyExpress

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    We'll take any friends we can get at this point.
  4. richpats

    richpats Banned

    That guy implies a juicy little twist - Goodell coming to the defense of the Patriots!

    Seriously, if the Pats get a little slap for this (i.e. no draft picks lost) they could come off smelling like roses. The penalty will be reflective of the severity of the crime. Personally, if it's just a guy recording video, it could be just a fine. I mean, the Pats did break THAT rule, but may have not challenged the spirit of the rule.
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  5. moosekill

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    Wow, I like him. Plus there is a poll about it. Overwhelmingly, the first choice is everyone is doing it.
  6. Born_a_Patriot

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  7. true_patriot

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    Best part of the article!

    Then Week One, punk boy Womangini's team is getting absolutely waxed by the Patriots, on the long road to a 38-14 drubbing. I watched the game - it wasn't even close. The Jets offense overall was ineffective, and the run game, in particular, was non-existent.

    I swear one time I saw Tom Brady take the snap, take a seven-step drop, put the ball down, trot over to the sidelines and grab a cell phone from Tedy Bruschi, say hey to Giselle, trot back to where he left the ball and throw 50 yards down the field to Randy Moss, who looked like the Pied Piper leading kids to the slaughter as he was trailed by a Jets linebacker, a cornerback, and a safety as he caught a touchdown pass.
  8. UglyPatriots

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    very immature article.
  9. Born_a_Patriot

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  10. Gwedd

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    Actually, it's a pretty darned good article. He pulls no punches, and considering all the wanking and whining the media-whores are doing on their soapboxes (are you reading this Tomase? Borges? Felger?) it's good to see someone actually looking at the situation from the facts, and NOT from some antiPatriot/Bellichick agenda.

    I swear to God that now that Breer is gone from the herald, there is nothing worth reading in their NFL section. heck, it isn't even worth using as a litter box liner, since it's already full of Tomase' crap.
  11. QuiGon

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    I like the article but there is one very curious passage:

    "he broke the oath that all the New England assistants to Belichick took; no taking head coach positions in the AFC East and I'll clue you in on everything I do. Belichick went so far as to intimate that if Mangini hung with the Patriots, when Belichick retired, the junior member of his coaching staff would take Belichick's place."

    I would be very interested in learning the source behind that quote and if it is true or not.
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