Pro football is an entertainment business first, a sport second

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    It is a mistake to evaluate this trade primarily as a football strategy.

    The Jets were running behind the Giants, Yankees, Mets, and barely keeping pace with the two moribund basketball franchises.

    Now, the TV ratings sore, the commercial revenue goes up, people buy more stuff, etc. The franchise becomes more valuable. Those who own it can leverage their wealth to make more wealth in other industries, as part of their overall business strategy.

    The purpose of winning in the NFL, for the owners, is to drive revenue, to improve brand image and value. Just ask the Krafts.

    The Jets just took a solid step in that direction for only a fourth round pick. I think they did themselves well.

    Now, let's kick their *****'s and watch their fans be miserable, which is the real sport around here.
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