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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by crowell33, Aug 18, 2010.

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  1. crowell33

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  2. JackBauer

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    Wondering why the author would mention Woods and Ninkovich, but not Burgess?

    And not to dispute our coverage issues last season, but tying the quality of our DB's to their arrantly craptacular ranking system doesn't carry much weight with me.
  3. patfanken

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    Pretty disappointing analysis. They give a fail to a secondary that held the best passing offense in the league to 7 points in the first half. I guess they didn't notice that Boddin didn't play, nor did they give any props to Hoyer and Edelman.

    I lost faith in these "expert" appraisals ever since March 2001 when PFWeekly stated that the Pats were the LEAST likely team in the league to get to a superbowl in the next 5 years. It was almost Borges-like. :D
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  4. KontradictioN

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    I didn't think it was too bad. The defense has some legitimate question marks, but does look to be better than it was last season... as of right now. The author was dead on about Wilhite and the Pats' secondary last year. Outside of Bodden and Meriweather (who was on again, off again himself) there were some issues in our secondary past that. McGowan started strong but lost his starting job. Chung was a young, inexperienced rookie that didn't get that much time. That left James Sanders who is a strong guy to come in off the bench, but has his own flaws. Bodden was absolutely solid, of course. But Butler was learning on the fly, Springs was very old, Wilhite struggled badly at times, and Wheatley was injured.

    In the pass rush, the author is right about TBC being the alone strong pass rusher in our defense. We had contributions from other guys here and there but nobody was really as consistent as he was. I thought the article could have done a better job at touching on some of the issues at ILB but that's about it. To mention Seymour's loss would really just be kicking a dead horse. On offense, I thought that they should have talked about Edelman and the emergence of Tate during TC as well as the new TE's. But other than that, it was a pretty decently written article.
  5. WelshPat

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    I read the write up on the Saints Pats pre season game, they said Murrell beat Bushrod for the sack, i swear it was Stinchcomb that he beat
  6. JackBauer

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    Interesting snippet from the article regarding Connolly's play last season:

  7. Deus Irae

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    Ben Stockwell must have had about 5 minutes to deadline when he wrote that. It's amazing to me that people who are writing for companies take so little pride in putting out a decent product.

    On the other hand, I do want to thank Mr. Stockwell for his precognition abilities:

    So the article sucked, but at least the editing was terrible.
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