Prison Fellowship Ministries Forced to Close Bible Program at Iowa Prison

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by IcyPatriot, Jun 3, 2006.

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    Interesting article dealing with the old seperation of church and state issues. Now...this article leaves me a bit perplexed. If I was running that program and knew I was going to get sued then why not run a non-denominational ministry offering donated Bibles, Korans, etc...

    I think religion should be offered in some respects as one factor of reforming anyone. Hard to ignore religion's influence on our culture. All attempts to remove it from politics strikes at the heart of how this country was founded.

    Name 1 large group of immigrants who have come to this country and left their religion behind? Now, how many inmates who were raised with some religion in their lifetime and would like to return to it? So, you're stuck in prison and denied access to your faith in terms of sharing it with others?

    I think the lawsuits need to be reversed. The religious people need to sue on the basis of inmates being denied basic rights...and religion is an extremely basic right for those who value it.

    It's time to fight back. Any Athiests who choose not to follow any religion can be given the same freedoms for following any similar reward programs in other ways. It just seems inane that prisoners need to be reformed with 1 hand tied behind their backs.

    As far as this particular group promoting Christianity...well I agree with that..I think many people would...but reform the program like they reform prisoners...after all, it's a reform based institution.
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    As someone who retired from Corrections I have always wrestled with the concept of paying for religious programs, this program is described as a program that does not include religious practices. But everyone I have seen that describes itself as such does include religious teachings intergrated into their program. There has been a tendency for this administration to talk about faith based programs, for example a church who is funded by its congregation takes up a collection to do good for Katrina Victims, can go back to the Dept of Homeland Security for reimbursement of their expenditures.

    I view the faith based programs, kinda like the DARE Program, they make everyone feel warm and fuzzy, but there has been no longitudinal studies to assess their effectiveness. They can help control some unruly prisoners who accept their message, however a lot of time they can be a breeding ground for gang activity. On the other hand they defy the bureaucratic model that exists in state systems and are very helpful for those who embrace the religious beliefs upon release.

    What scares me most about the overall trend is in education as we come upon the 5th year of No Child Left Behind, those schools who are consistently underperforming can be taken over by the Feds and then contracted to faith based programs. There is a lot of grey area in this whole thing.
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    Only Muslims are allowed to practice in the hooscow?
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    "Now all you new prisoners, listen up, we're going to rehabilitate you, we're going to turn you into kind, caring, honest, moral, decent human beings but there is one thing you have to remember, we don't want you having anything at all to do with all that "GOD SH1T"

    "Now all you Muslims, listen up, you all will be allowed to have your rugs, your Koran and anything else you need to pray to Allah, if yelling at sunrise and praying to Mohammad will help rehabilitate you we are all for it" "May Allah be with you"

    Only In America.

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