Prisco: Underrated and overrated - team by team

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  1. T-ShirtDynasty

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    Some interesting choices on the other teams as well. I tell ya... considering it was Prisco, I half expected Brett Favre and Paymetons to be underrated. ;)
  2. SoonerPatriot

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    I agree...shudder....with Pete on this one.

    I'm done pretending Dillon is 27, in the prime of his career and that all of his problems last year had nothing to do with his advancing age.
  3. lutontown_fc

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    Some opinions that stuck out for me.

    1. Edge - Overrated - If this guy isn't an 'elite' back then I dont know what one is. Has ran for over 9,000 yards in 7 seasons and hasn't faded with age - has put up 3,000 in his last 2 years alone. Wont have HOF TD numbers becasue the Colts prefer to pad Mannings stats in the red-zone but this guy is a class act.

    2. Muhsin Muhammad - Overrated - Prisco disses Muhsin because he has lost some speed due to being 33 - which apparently is "not a good thing because he never had big-play speed"
    Seems to me that a guy that never relied on big time speed is going to be least affected by the further loss of speed to help him gain seperation.

    3. Rudi Johnson - Overrated - Rudi apparently is a decent back, but lacks 'big play speed' - seems like Prisco has more of an obsession with speed than Al Davis.
    The facts are Rudi Johnson has put up almost 3,000 yards in two years since taking over as fulltime starter - and his average YPC leapt from 4.0 in 2004 to 4.3 in 2005.
    Prisco suggest that change of pace back, Chris Perry, with 63 career attempts and 280 career yards 'brings more to the offense' - i'll let you make your own minds up on that one.

    4. Corey Dillon - Overrated - In one breath Prisco tells you that Corey Dillon had injury problems last year and that his numbers were down as a result.
    In the next he tells you that Dillon is now done, healthy or not.
    If Corey had performed as he did last year with no injuries then I would back this opinion - as it is he did, and I don't.

    5. Curtis Martin - Overrated - Everyone accepts that Curtis is pretty much done as a full time RB in this league - he has been a legend but old father time has finally caught up with him. For someone to be 'overrated' surely you have to have high expectations of him - a word to Petey - no-one thinks Curtis will run for even 1,000 yards this year - so he can't be 'overrated'

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  4. mcdonut16

    mcdonut16 Practice Squad Player

    This was so predictable by Prisco. This was his way of indirectly giving Manning another blowee. Edge while not possessing big play ability might very well be the best back in the league to get you a consistent 4-5 yards a carry. It is that consistency that makes him great. What is the point of having a running back that cuts back all over the field and gets tackled behind the line of scrimage 3 out of 4 times, while 1 out of 4 times he might break off a twenty yard run. Those types of backs have big play ability, but they also can be undesciplined and can be drive killers.
  5. njpatsfan

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    Edgerrin James leaves the Colts, so Prickso thinks he's overrated.

    And he finds the most overrated Colts player .... is on defense ? Is that even possible ?


  6. Murphys95

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    I disagree with Prisco that Curtis Martin is overrated. Cumar was the epitome of being underrated his entire career.

    If Prisco feels he must pick one overrated player from each team, he might start with Mangini with the Jets.
  7. LloydBraun

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    Dillon will surprise many this year. He will come back strong. He will benefit from better health and from Maroney. I believe they will be a great combo in the backfield.

    Dillon will be the lead horse, rush for 1200 yds. and be the goal line back. Maroney will rush for 600-700 and be an awesome change of pace back.

    Just picture it, Maroney comes in and the opp. D must prepare for his breakaway speed. That will open things up for Brady even more.
  8. dhamz

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    He doesn't seem to understand what either word means. He lists a ton of older guys as overrated - Dillon, Curtis Martin, etc. No one thinks they are that good anymore. Everyone considers Martin at the end and no one blinked when the Pats went RB in round 1. Does anyone think Mike Doss is good? And if so have they been given a drug test?

    As for underrated - how is Watson underrated? He has a ton of potential and has yet to realize it fully on the field. Does anyone disagree with that?
  9. 363839

    363839 Supporter Supporter

    I got a feeling Maroney is going to get more than 600-700.
    More like 1200 yards
    Faulk will get about 600.
    Corey will get 1400
    Yeah, that's it.
    3200 total yards from our running backs. YOu heard it here first.
    Not counting passing yards.
    Would that be a record?
  10. spacecrime

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    Former Pats on the list:

    Detroit Lions
    Overrated: Guard Damien Woody should be better than he is, based on his athletic ability. Weight issues prevent him from being a dominant player.

    Dallas Cowboys
    Underrated: Drew Bledsoe is one of those quarterbacks who always gets picked apart, no matter what he does. But he had a heck of a year for the Cowboys, throwing for 3,639 yards and 23 touchdowns.

    Tennessee Titans
    Overrated: Receiver David Givens is good, but he certainly isn't an elite receiver, yet the Titans are paying him like one.
  11. mavfan2390

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    Amen Brotha'
  12. PATSNUTme

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    #75 Jersey

    Overrated: Prisco

    Underrated: How much everyone hates Prisco.
  13. shakadave

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    Good point to pick up on, Spacecrime. How often do former Patriots players fail to measure up in their new environments? Besides Woody, how about Patten in Washington? Ted Washington? I agree with Prisco on Givens. Watch Ashworth turn out to be overpaid, too.
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  14. Poll

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    LOL. Good one.

    You're right too.
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  15. Brady-To-Branch

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