Prisco is a moron…again! This time about TO

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by shatch62, Mar 20, 2006.

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    Prisco is a moron…again! This time about TO

    On November 5th Prisco wrote an article ( ) ripping T.O. for his actions on the Eagles

    Prisco wrote “I was one of the last holdouts, one of the few in the media who actually stood up for Terrell Owens.
    That's because deep down, I really don't think he's that bad a guy. No more will I defend him. That's over. Finished.â€

    He went to state
    “No control means no chance to win.â€

    With TO’s suspension “There was a cancer removed from this locker room.â€

    “Owens will be a free agent next spring. But who is bold enough to take a chance on him tearing up their locker room?â€

    It took a little over 5 months for Prisco to change his tune. On March 18th, after TO signed with the Cowboys, Prisco wrote ( ) who it was a great move by the Cowboys.

    “Like I've said in the past, Owens isn't nearly as bad a guy as he's been portrayed. He's different, selfish, odd, opinionated, ego-centric and a bunch of other things that won't exactly make him the greatest locker-room presence.
    But he isn't bad. You don't hear of him on any Love Boat excursions. You don't hear him beating his wife or getting arrested for DUI.â€

    Sure, he will help undermine a coaches authority, refuse to talk to his QB and Offensive Coordinator and help tear a locker room to pieces but because he does not beat women or drink and drive he “really isn’t a bad guyâ€!

    Per Prisco “Parcells can handle†him. This is the same Parcells that had a jersey thrown in his face by the legendary Antonio Bryant. Parcell is a future hall of famer but he does not have the same weight he had ten years ago. Parcells has not won a Super Bowl in over 15 years and has not led a team to one since 1995. From 1993 –2005 he has coached 10 seasons and has compiled a record of 86-74. Not exactly earth shattering. IN those 10 seasons he has been to playoffs 4 times with a playoff record if 3-4. Again, nothing to brag about. Do you really think that TO will not go off on Parcells? Please.

    Prisco goes on to say “When talking to an NFL head coach who was in need of a receiver, I asked him about Owens.
    "Not a chance," he said. "That guy will tear down the locker room."
    Shouldn't the coach be able to handle that? Shouldn't veterans be above his public comments?â€

    So, in November, TO was to blame but come March the Andy Reid and the Eagles – a team filled with Veterans like McNabb, Dawkins, Trotter and Kearse – were to blame. I guess they were just to sensitive to the “not a bad guy†TO.

    Owens is a jerk. He always will be a jerk and the Cowboys will regret this the minute Drew Bledsoe misses a wide open TO and TO blows a gasket.
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    Call it a gut feeling but I think this time it works.

    All of his money is in salary or roster bonuses. If he behaves badly he can be cut with no cap acceleration. And Owens has to know that if he blows it again, he won't have people coming after him again. Last chance for huge money = Owens makes it work. We'll see, I guess.
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    I hope it works one year for Drew's sake

    I hope Drew does great and gets all the way to the Super Bowl this year where unfortunately he will be defeated by the Patriots.
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    But for how long??? Long enough to hoist a Lombardi as they are hoping in Big D????
    With TO, it's not if but when................

    Just my $0.02,
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    No surprises here as Prisco is a moron. Other than being Manning's buttboy, he is a complete jackass. I have no idea how any reputable organization employs him...oh, wait that's's CBS...far from reputable.
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    Sounds more like a hypocrite to me..

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