Preseason Opener - One Hitters

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    Preseason Opener - One Hitters
    By: Mike Procopio

    Some quick thoughts from last night’s game:

    • The quality of play was SLOPPY. I’ve seen preseason openers before, but this was borderline Pop Warner quality. No OTA’s and mini camps were very apparent last night.
    • The new kick off rule is making kickers look like Superman. However the rookie from UMass basically split the uprights. And WTF is up with guys taking it out from 8 yards deep?
    • Hoyer looked like very composed, comfortable and surprisingly has a great arm.
    • Reviewing every touchdown is going to be like watching paint dry. It is BAD for the game of football and takes a ton of the emotion out of a scoring play, knowing it is going to be reviewed and probably overturned. This rule will not make it to next season....

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