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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Bostonian1962, Dec 31, 2007.

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    I don't have time to do the math in the Predict the Score Contest, but I think I know if the Patriots will in fact with the Super Bowl, based on the contest.

    During the 17 week contest I changed my score ONE TIME after posting it. It was for the last Jets contest. I predicted 21 - 7 Patriots and the final score was 20 - 10 (for a difference of 4 points - the lower the better of course). I predicted such a low score because of the horrible weather forecast.

    20 minutes before kickoff I was watching the pregame, and Brady was tossing the ball around, and I thought to myself "the weather doesn't look that bad". I RAN to the computer and added a TD onto each team's score so my final prediction was 28 - 14 (for a difference of 12, or an additional 8 points onto my score. I was so bummed that for the last several weeks my montra has been "I don't care if I lose the contest, as long as the Patriots win the Super Bowl."

    So, I have this all figured out. If I lost by 7 or fewer points to the first place finisher, in the contest, the Patriots WILL WIN THE SUPER BOWL.

    Alas, you can praise Brady, and Moss, and Welker, and BB, but if the Patriots win it all I may very well be the reason. I'll have to wait for Alamo to figure out everybody's scores, but again I may very well have just clinched our Super Bowl title. You're welcome! :)
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