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Practice notes (7/27/07 AM)

Discussion in 'Patriots 2007 Training Camp Reports and Photos' started by signbabybrady, Jul 29, 2007.

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    I was here for the morning session It was really hot....

    Sadly me and my friend thought moss seemed to dog it a bit when other recievers were going thru the motions of blocking on run plays moss wasn't and he seemed to move slower than anyone after a drill getting back in line.

    I refuse to read to much into but had to report what I saw it was hot and we will leave it at that..other than that he was still catching as smooth as mentioned every where else.

    it was on the other field and on the opposite side of that field but they were practicing deep passes and Caldwell made a really nice diving grab (no coverage)

    Watson had the catch of the day in traffic used his body nice to shield Hawkins from being able to make a play and caught as he was falling to the ground.

    A. Thomas popped Quinton Smith right in front of us.

    at one point the offense had to run a lap not exactly sure why (general confusion getting the play going I think) but Hobbs whoooped it up and kinda made fun of them which got the crowd going it was pretty funny..

    They were getting the pats experience going which is good news for the kids but bad for those who like parking closer still not bad though just about 50 yards further.
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