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  1. Born_a_Patriot

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    Apr 25, 2006
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    ESPN- ranks us 10 "best QB in the league will struggle "

    POWER RANKINGS CBS SportsLine.com
    Current Team Previous
    1 Steelers テつキ Trends 1
    Even without Roethlisberger, they found a way to beat the Dolphins. That's a sign of a good team. The defense is still suffocating.

    2 Colts テつキ Trends 3
    Winning on the road against a tough team is a good sign for the Colts. They have to get the running game cranked up soon, which they will.

    3 Patriots テつキ Trends 4
    It wasn't pretty against the Bills, and Tom Brady didn't look that good. That won't last forever. This is still a quality team that has what it takes to find ways to win in the fourth quarter.

    4 Jaguars テつキ Trends 6
    They went 12-4 last year and nobody thought they were any good. After beating the Cowboys, people still wonder. They won't if Jacksonville beats the Steelers on Monday night.

    5 Eagles テつキ Trends 10
    Donovan McNabb is back and Andy Reid will make sure this team pushes for a playoff spot -- and maybe more. They have a big one with the Giants this week.

    6 Seahawks テつキ Trends 8
    The offensive line didn't play well against the Lions, and that could become an issue as they move on this season. The defense looks improved.

    7 Falcons テつキ Trends 14
    Michael Vick looked much more comfortable against the Panthers than he has in years past. The big-time running game helps make that possible.

    8 Panthers テつキ Trends 2
    We'll call that a mulligan against the Falcons. This team has too much talent to play the way it did last week. John Fox will get it turned around.

    9 Bengals テつキ Trends 11
    Forget the offense. We know that side of the ball isn't the worry. What was really impressive against the Chiefs was the defense.

    10 Broncos テつキ Trends 5
    Is it time for a quarterback change? Jake Plummer wasn't very good against the Rams. It will be interesting to see how Mike Shanahan plays this as the season moves on.

    11 Cowboys テつキ Trends 7
    Speaking of quarterback controversies, there's one brewing in Dallas. Drew Bledsoe's job security isn't very good right now.

    12 Cardinals テつキ Trends 13
    The offense lit it up against the 49ers, but what the heck happened to that defense? There is too much talent on that side of the ball for that unit to play that way. Now prove they're really good by winning at Seattle.

    13 Bears テつキ Trends 18
    The good news is the offense has life. The bad news is that it came against the Packers, a bad defensive team. Let's see it for the long haul.

    14 Ravens テつキ Trends 17
    That defense looked like the 2000 version. They were dominant. Chris Simms looked lost facing that fast, attacking defense.

    15 Chargers テつキ Trends 16
    They were dominant against the Raiders. That defense looked as if it had an extra man on the field all game long. If they keep that up, look out for this team.

    16 Giants テつキ Trends 9
    Were they the victims of a bad call against the Colts? It sure looked like it. Now they get the Eagles on the road. The schedule maker wasn't kind to this team.

    17 Rams テつキ Trends 22
    When they win and the offense doesn't score a touchdown, it's a big deal. Look for the offense to break out this week.

    18 Vikings テつキ Trends 21
    Getting a tough road victory against a good team says a lot about the Vikings. They played tough and Brad Johnson made the throws when he needed to make them. This could be a better team than some expected.

    19 Dolphins テつキ Trends 12
    You hate to say a game in Week 2 is a must win, but it is for the Dolphins. They can't afford to go 0-2 by losing to the Bills at home.

    20 Buccaneers テつキ Trends 15
    With that offensive line, Chris Simms might want to up his insurance coverage. He didn't play well, but throwing with all those hands in your face is tough duty.

    21 Redskins テつキ Trends 20
    Wasn't this the year that the offense, with all the new additions and a new high-priced coordinator, would put up a lot of points? It didn't look that way against Minnesota.

    22 Saints テつキ Trends 25
    Getting this young team to win on the road is impressive. Sean Payton deserves praise for that. Just remember: It was Cleveland.

    23 Lions テつキ Trends 24
    Mike Martz is an offensive wizard, but you can't make it happen when you have limited players throwing the football and catching it. The defense is improved.
    24 Chiefs テつキ Trends 19
    Getting blasted -- in more ways than one -- by the Bengals is not a good way to open the season. Now they must play two without Trent Green. They're about to fall into a deep hole.

    25 Jets テつキ Trends 31
    Chad Pennington is alive and well. Better yet, his arm is. If he can play that way the entire season, the Jets might win more than we thought.

    26 Bills テつキ Trends 28
    This is an improved team, mainly because J.P. Losman is better. The defense will keep them in games, but they're staring 0-2 in the face heading to Miami.

    27 Texans テつキ Trends 27
    The Eagles receivers were more wide open Sunday than the Dixie Chicks' mouths. And the running game was non-existent. Any regrets not taking Reggie Bush now?

    28 49ers テつキ Trends 32
    Alex Smith showed that his rookie year is behind him, which is a good thing. The defense has to tighten up.

    29 Packers テつキ Trends 26
    Vince Lombardi had to be spinning in his grave watching the Packers lose to the Bears the way they did. No points? For Brett Favre? What's worse, winter is on the way for Packers fans.

    30 Titans テつキ Trends 29
    It's going to be a long, long season. Is it time to throw Vince Young in there and get on with it?

    31 Browns テつキ Trends 30
    Wasn't this team supposed to make a step forward? The Browns looked bad in losing at home to the Saints. The good news is they are the leaders in the Brady Quinn sweepstakes.

    32 Raiders テつキ Trends 23
    That was as bad as it gets. They did nothing on offense, the defense was gashed by the run and there seemed to be a carefree approach. It's going to be a long season by the Bay.
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  2. Born_a_Patriot

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    Apr 25, 2006
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    2006 Power Rankings: Week 2
    1 (3) Steelers 1-0-0 If he can stay healthy, Najeh Davenport could be a decent pickup for the Steelers. Obviously Willie Parker is the No. 1, but having a big back would be a boost.
    2 (4) Colts 1-0-0 Obviously Peyton Manning is what makes the offense go, but they're still going to need to get some more out of the running game.
    3 (1) Seahawks 1-0-0 It certainly wasn't pretty, but you take a win on the road in the NFL. Especially against a fired-up team with a new coach.
    4 (6) Bengals 1-0-0 The Bengals don't need their defense to suddenly be one of the NFL's top 5. But if they can be in the top 15, Cincinnati will be very good.
    5 (11) Jaguars 1-0-0 Looked like the Jaguars had something to prove to all the skeptics (including us) who were questioning their 12-4 record last season.
    6 (18) Ravens 1-0-0 The Ravens are still a Steve McNair injury away from being back in trouble. But they sure looked like a team that is back among the AFC's elite Sunday.
    7 (17) Falcons 1-0-0 John Abraham made an immediate impact for the Falcons. Although seeing him limp off the field must have soured things a little bit.
    8 (13) Bears 1-0-0 It was against the Packers, but the Bears looked pretty good on offense (a surprise) and defense (not a surprise) Sunday.
    9 (16) Chargers 1-0-0 If must be nice having LaDainian Tomlinson in your backfield when you're making your first NFL start, huh?
    10 (7) Patriots 1-0-0 Tom Brady might be the best QB in the NFL, but even the best QB in the league will struggle some with Troy Brown, Reche Caldwell and Bam Childress as his top three WRs.
    11 (15) Eagles 1-0-0 Donte' Stallworth always seemed to be on the verge of breaking out. Maybe teaming up with Donovan McNabb was all he needed.
    12 (2) Panthers 0-1-0 The Falcons are a good team, but the Panthers have to be a little shell-shocked. That's not supposed to happen to one of the NFL's best run defenses.
    13 (5) Broncos 0-1-0 Not that one year is exactly like the last, but everyone out there jumping off the Broncos bandwagon needs to remember how awful they looked last year in their Week 1 loss to the Dolphins.
    14 (10) Giants 0-1-0 With their next two games at Philly and at Seattle, the Giants are staring an 0-3 start right in the face.
    15 (8) Cowboys 0-1-0 If there's one thing that's clear it's that Drew Bledsoe is going to struggle playing behind a line that doesn't give him enough time. That's always been true.
    16 (9) Dolphins 0-1-0 Daunte Culpepper made some throws that looked a lot like the QB who struggled so much at the beginning of last season.
    17 (19) Vikings 1-0-0 Chester Taylor carried the ball 31 times Monday. The Vikings hadn't had a back carry the ball 30 times in a game since Robert Smith in 1996.
    18 (22) Rams 1-0-0 The Jim Haslett (defensive coordinator) era is off to a fast start in St. Louis. The Rams' D turned in an impressive outing against the Broncos.
    19 (21) Cardinals 1-0-0 Great stat: First-quarter TD drives Sunday for the Cardinals: three. First-quarter TD drives in all of 2005: zero. The last time the Cards scored three times in the opening quarter was 1975.
    20 (14) Redskins 0-1-0 The Redskins kicked three FGs of 27 yards or less. If they'd converted one of those deep drives into a TD they would have won.
    21 (12) Buccaneers 0-1-0 Not a very good start for Chris Simms in a season where he's supposed to be taking the next step forward.
    22 (20) Chiefs 0-1-0 Man, we're just glad Trent Green is OK. There is obviously plenty of violence in the NFL, but that was just a vicious hit.
    23 (31) Jets 1-0-0 A good QB will give you a chance to be competitive in the NFL, and when Chad Pennington is healthy, he's pretty good.
    24 (29) Saints 1-0-0 Thirty-six carries for 151 yards between Deuce McAllister and Reggie Bush. The Saints will take that every week.
    25 (23) Lions 0-1-0 We like Roy Williams' confidence, but we're not sure the Lions are in a position yet where they should be guaranteeing wins.
    26 (30) Bills 0-1-0 The safety was obviously a mistake, but J.P. Losman showed some promise Sunday against the Patriots.
    27 (24) Texans 0-1-0 At least for one week the notion that Gary Kubiak can take any running back and make him a star didn't float.
    28 (27) Browns 0-1-0 Not a good start for the Browns, but Kellen Winslow stood out. There's a reason why he was the No. 6 overall pick in the 2004 draft.
    29 (26) Titans 0-1-0 Kerry Collins played pretty much the way you'd expect for a QB who was just signed two weeks ago.
    30 (32) 49ers 0-1-0 Yes it was a loss, but Alex Smith and Frank Gore showed 49ers fans something to be excited about.
    31 (25) Raiders 0-1-0 The Raiders could have played eight quarters against the Chargers Monday night and they might not have scored.
    32 (28) Packers 0-1-0 Really it was coin flip between the Packers and Raiders, who both deserved to be 32, but the edge went slightly to the Pack.
  3. Born_a_Patriot

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    The seahawks rank ahead of us in espn. I guess Branch is that good. What was the score against the lions.
  4. Brownfan80

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    Sep 13, 2004
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    9-6 ;)

    ..or 6-9 depending how you look at it.
  5. Bertil

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    Sep 13, 2004
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    These early season power rankings are less than irrelevant. It's just something to occupy a column while requiring NO factual content.
  6. Patriotic

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    May 13, 2006
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    #12 Jersey

    Right. Its the rankings after week 19 that we should all be concerned about.
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