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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SoonerPatriot, Jan 15, 2006.

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    1-Contrary to what some reactionary, broken record types say, Eric Mangini will be a huge loss if he goes. Mark that down.

    2-Ready the "Dynasty is dead" tripe from the media gas bags, trolls and other assorted vermin.
    Dynasties don't die with one loss. The 49ers dynasty spanned more than a decade. Bradshaw and the Steelers lost in the playoffs before winning their fourth. Sometimes persepctive, AKA the big picture, is lost on the likes of Merrill Hoge and Pete Prisco.

    3-Dillon. Corey is on the wrong side of 30. RBs often begin to break down at that point. An injury here, another one there. It adds up to missed games and plain old ineffectiveness. That was Dillon's 05 season. I don't think he'll ever be like he was in '04, so what now? This is as big an off-season issue as any.

    4-For the love of God, lock up Seymour.

    5-One more year, Willie, please! Just make it happen.

    6-Go Panthers!

    7-It's not the end of the world. The end of the world is Max Lane mono y mono with Reggie White. It's being a Bills fan losing 4 SBs in a row or a Titans fan watching Andre Dyson come up one yard short.

    You can bet this will stew in BB, Brady and the rest of the team's craw for a good long while. They're more pissed off than Nick Harper's wife.
    Only good can come from that.
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    :agree: with all of that. The point about Dillon is a pertinent one. Think about the punishment that he takes every game. Most of us don't have that much physical punishment in our life times. I guess the question is whether he recovers in the offseason or whether they decide it is time to draft a replacement.

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    As a fan who has been watching since the Plunkett-Vataha days we have been very blessed over the last few years. That being said, it's time to get a marquis running back. Brady has been carrying the offense with smoke and mirrors, if he is "off" just a little, the team loses. It's almost like the front office is afraid to invest in a young top flight back since the bad luck with Martin and Edwards.

    That was championship level defense last night.
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    I hope we keep Dillon around. I'd like a young stud RB out of the draft, but I do feel Dillon has more to offer - just not as the go-to guy.

    My thoughts on the loss? Not as bad as I might have expected. A night's sleep later, mostly I'm just bummed I won't get to see them in action until training camp. We were the better team, but we deserved to lose that particular game. Even the botched PI call on AS doesn't really factor in when you look at the whole game. Don't get me wrong, I'm pissed about it and I hope some heads roll because of it, but that alone didn't cost us the game.

    I'm proud of our guys. I wish there was some way we could thank them for a great season.
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    8.) It will be interesting to see what Patriots retire.
  6. ATippett56

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    9) Will the Patriots re-sign David Givens?
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    Great stuff. I have just a couple of differences:

    #1) "some reactionary, broken record types" should read "reactionary, broken record type" - use the singular- not the plural. We all know whom you are referencing and he is probably finding out now that the sun in fact DID rise this morning out there in Phoenix.

    #6) Go Bears. There's no way in hell I'm rooting for Steve Smith. He represents everything that is wrong in the NFL.

    THEMAXX Practice Squad Player

    I also lived through the Patriots Basement years. I love this team. This is not 1985 either.

    We still have Coach Belichek, Brady and just like the other Dynasties, we will be be serious contenders for while.

    I also would like to see them work on their RB situation and I hope Willie gets some rest cause I'd like him back for one more.
  9. sdaniels7114

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    We still have a lot to look forward to over the next few years. Keeping Seymore may not be possible if the team sticks with its sensible approach to managing the salary cap, but they've replaced great players before. I just feel bad about Troy Brown, I'd hate for that play to be the last thing to remember him by.

    This loss stings, but its nothing to a NE sports fan who's lived through 85, or 86 and 03 with the Sox. Let alone the pathetic situation with our Hockey team.
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    keep Dillon and let him rest, hit the gym and hear a lil more of the negative media about him.. i think u look at one more monster year from him..

    Seymour is going NO WHERE..believe that..u let him go? there goes 1/4th of our d..
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    well said my friend.....

    Well said......

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